😧😳🤧 A couple of years ago I asked the Department for Work and Pensions how many full years I had. They wrote to me and said I had 42. Am I underpaid or is there more to it than my simple maths... Steve Webb investigated and found the DWP had not included the last year of NI contributions, because this had not yet been calculated at state pension age, and it wasn't corrected afterwards. Could you have been affected by this error? Find out how to check, and get in touch.

😧😳🤧 Financial experts say cost-conscious investors will find ethical trackers a bit more expensive than traditional ones, but still less pricey than active funds operating in this area.

😧😳🤧 Annuity rates are rising at their fastest pace in more than 30 years - so it is understandable that you would ask if they are finally worth considering again. Annuities allow you to exchange a lump sum from your pension pot for a guaranteed income for life. They offer the reassurance that even if you live for several decades after retirement, your income will never dry up. Even so, until recently annuities had fallen out of favour as the annual income they provide had dropped to all-time lows. Now they are on the up again. Average annuity rates have increased by up to 24 per cent in the past year.

😧😳🤧 Rumours abound of private equity companies circling a number of the UK's valuable mid-sized businesses. But what does it mean for shareholders?

😧😳🤧 Natasha Bhuiyan feels better equipped to deal with her rising bills thanks to her regular money coaching sessions.

😧😳🤧 As in many towns across the country, shoppers in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire are getting conflicting messages about how best to pay.

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PrizeAreaValue of bond
£1,000,000Inner London£500
£100,000Highlands and Islands£45,000
£100,000East Sussex£39,999
£100,000Outer London£8,000
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😧😳🤧 If FTSE chief executives wore badges in solidarity with counter staff at the Halifax, almost all would read he/him. A crashing irony of the row over pronouns at the mortgage lender is that it coincided with a reduction in the already tiny number of women at the head of elite UK companies. When Alison Brittain announced her retirement from Whitbread, their modest ranks - there have never been more than ten in the top 100 - were depleted again. Even the minuscule minority of women who get to the top are subjected to disgusting sexism.

😧😳🤧 The UK's second biggest grocer is facing calls to pay the independently set living wage for all staff and contracted workers.

😧😳🤧 Women on FTSE 100 boards are paid £245,000 a year on average, compared with men who receive £935,000 a year.

😧😳🤧 The asset management arm of Swiss investment bank UBS has linked up with property developer Reef Group to create a joint venture.

😧😳🤧 The Centre for Economics and Business Research said a deep recession would be a 'near certainty'.

😧😳🤧 The agreement to sell ITP Aero to US private equity group Bain Capital forms a crucial part of Rolls' recovery plan after it was battered by the pandemic.

😧😳🤧 The changes will see the threshold for NI contributions rise from £9,880 to £12,570, meaning less of people's salaries will be subject to the tax and 2 million people will be exempt from paying all together. However, for many the change only undoes the 1.25% rise in National Insurance introduced in April, which was a one year levy to fund social care in the UK. Anyone earning less than around £35,000 will see their pay packet return to roughly the same level it was before April.

😧😳🤧 One in 10 adults had already cut contributions or stopped paying into a pension altogether in early spring, according to a new survey.

😧😳🤧 Just over two weeks ago, Inchcape released an unexpected trading update. Having told shareholders back in April that profits would be around £300million for 2022, chief executive Duncan Tait said the group was now likely to do considerably better than that. At the beginning of this year, Inchcape shares were £9.40. Today they are £6.91, even after the recent profits upgrade. The slide reflects wider market worries about economic growth. The stock is a buy - and the dividend provides an income kicker too.

😧😳🤧 Today, almost everyone is weighing up the pros and cons of electric vehicles, which in turn could mean a golden investment opportunity.

😧😳🤧 New FCA rules are supposed to stop car and home insurers offering better prices to new customers than existing ones. But are they working?

😧😳🤧 As anyone who has indulged in the brutal 'swipe left' culture of internet dating will testify, you don't often get a second chance to make a first impression. And the same is true when trying to sell your property. That's why, what lies at the front of your house - be it lawn, gravel or flagstones, can play a major role in making a sale. Here's how to make the most of it.

😧😳🤧 Cladding-hit flat owners welcomed a new law that sees building owners being held responsible for the costs of repairing dangerous buildings.

😧😳🤧 The bank has halved the minimum deposit from 10% to 5%, meaning borrowers could buy an average-priced home with a deposit of £14,500.

😧😳🤧 Many motorists will have received a dreaded charge in the post and in some cases, unjustifiably so. If that's you, it's time to fight back. Elsewhere, we talk about Halifax's mortgage move, whether it can pay to fix energy bill, highlight the five FTSE 100 firms with the biggest share price falls this year and how small business owners tackle telling their customers that price rises are afoot.

😧😳🤧 Last year, 112,000 cars were reported as stolen in the UK, with a combined value of £260m. However, just one in 20 car thefts leads to charges.

😧😳🤧 Petrol apps can help drivers find the best prices in their area, and adopting a more cautious driving style can also cut costs.

😧😳🤧 Upwardly mobile and edging towards premium class, Peugeot's pitting itself against rivals such as Germany's Volkswagen and Korea's Hyundai. But its crop of stylish models on offer, such as the new 408 (pictured) and coming down the line is better than how the public perceives the brand image and experience. And that has to change, she says. When Julie took over 18 months ago, she undertook secret 'mystery shopper' trips to showrooms with her sons.

😧😳🤧 Motoring experts warn that while the same rules are yet to be given the green light by the Government, drivers may have little choice in the matter if manufacturers fit the tech.

😧😳🤧 The French marque has given a distinctive derriere to its 4.6m-long, four-door fastback alternative to mid-sized models.

😧😳🤧 As its name implies, the fund scours the world in search of companies that pay shareholders attractive dividends over the long term. It's an investment approach that was tested during the pandemic in 2020 as many businesses suspended dividend payments - and it is being examined again as the world economy teeters on the edge of recession. Yet it is proving remarkably resilient. The fund is managed by Ian Mortimer and Matthew Page, employees of asset manager Guinness Global Investors. Page describes it as 'ideal for uncertain times - and that's the world we are living in at the moment'.

😧😳🤧 This is a business which thinks about the long term but delivers in the short term too. A winning combination.

😧😳🤧 UK retail investors are starting to ditch vaccine makers and losing patience with airline stocks, according to the latest quarterly stocks data from eToro seen by This is Money.

😧😳🤧 I was interested to learn about the new SmartThings app from Samsung, which claims to help households cut down the power they use. The tech giant says the app is designed to 'bring awareness to your energy consumption, cut down on your bills, and ultimately save you money.' But does it work? I visited Samsung's model apartment in Chertsey, Surrey, to find out.

😧😳🤧 I operate a small bakery business in a mid-sized town. I have built up a loyal customer base over the last five years - but I need to raise prices.

😧😳🤧 The ID. Aero previews Volkswagen's first fully-electric saloon car, aiming to provide more rear interior space and comfort than any battery model it currently offers. It is widely expected to be called the ID.6, continuing the size-related number lineage already in place for the company's all-electric passenger models. Production for the Chinese market will start in around a year's time, while cars built for the European market will start towards the end of 2023.

😧😳🤧 The McMurtry Spéirling, a 200mph single-seater that uses two fans to suck it to the road, posted a time of 39.08 seconds at the 1.16-mile route with former F1 driver Max Chilton.

😧😳🤧 Drivers are being warned to be alert for a rise in 'ghost broking' scams that largely originate on social media targeting younger motorists.

😧😳🤧 The humiliating milestone would be the latest blow to the credibility of Europe's single currency. The European Central Bank has controversially kept interest rates below zero, making euros less attractive as central banks in the UK and US hiked rates to combat runaway inflation. Investors are also spooked by the rising risk of recession in the eurozone itself.

😧😳🤧 The numbers don't look good - but at least at the halfway stage of 2022, we have the bad news out in the open.

😧😳🤧 Turning 70, recovered from illness - and, he concedes, driven by vanity - he cares deeply about his brand's reputation and wants to do things his way.

😧😳🤧 Co-op Bank launched a legal challenge to prevent the FOS investigating a complaint about the fairness of rates charged to one customer.

😧😳🤧 The utility giant will join French rival EDF as a significant backer of the plant alongside the British Government. The Prime Minister wants Sizewell C to be one of up to eight new reactors built by 2030. It is a core part of his energy security strategy launched in April after Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Centrica's commitment will help smooth a path towards a restructuring of the £20billion joint venture and the removal of Chinese state-backed CGN as an investor.

😧😳🤧 Dannatt is fronting a group of UK-based investors to acquire CF Industries' factory in Ince, Cheshire, which could save hundreds of jobs.

😧😳🤧 Barclays bought part of the lender's mortgage book. Sources have revealed that Pimco also signed a deal to buy the loans Barclays did not acquire.

😧😳🤧 With fears of recession mounting, official figures showed inflation in the single currency bloc hit 8.6 per cent in June on the back of sharply higher food and fuel prices.

😧😳🤧 Only now, after more than a decade of keeping the Bank of England's printing presses running, a new generation is starting to understand that there is no such thing as a magic money tree. Bank of England economists Rupal Patel and Jack Meaning's book - aimed at sixth formers and interested lay people - has sparked a political row

😧😳🤧 Ocado, JD Sports, Scottish Mortgage Investment Trust, Royal Mail and Ashtead Group are the FTSE 100's worst performers in the first half of 2022.

😧😳🤧 The retail expert believes our post-Covid way of life gives us a unique opportunity to revitalise ailing high streets.

😧😳🤧 A couple of months ago, we visited a car park, paid the correct amount and left before the ticket expired. Shortly afterwards, a parking charge came through the post. After two appeal rejections, I took it through the independent appeals service where it was magically cancelled.

😧😳🤧 Millions of households splashed out on expensive items for their gardens in various lockdowns, but many do not have cover for them, new analysis by Defaqto shows.

😧😳🤧 It seems with every passing year the homeownership aspiration shared by so many young Britons becomes ever more the distant dream. Surging house prices, soaring inflation and low savings rates mean that the goal posts are constantly moving. The typical UK home has risen by 68 per cent over the past 10 years, according to ONS data, whereas average wages have only grown by 31 per cent during that time.

😧😳🤧 Energy regulator Ofgem has set out a £20.9bn package to upgrade the grids across Britain, which includes £2.7bn of upfront funding to boost capacity.

😧😳🤧 Prices increased 0.1% in May, and Zoopla has predicted that levels of growth will reduce for the rest of the year.

😧😳🤧 We pick four multi-million detached homes for sale that are within a short stroll to Wimbledon's Centre Court. Pictured (clockwise from top left) are: A six-bed property in Wimbledon Village, a six-bed house on Wimbledon Common, a seven-bed house in Wimbledon Village and a six-bed townhouse in Wimbledon.

😧😳🤧 Inner London property prices have not kept pace in percentage terms with the rest of Britain since the Brexit vote in June 2016, our exclusive analysis reveals.

😧😳🤧 Some see it as the epitome of bad taste, flashy and bling - but others know that mirrors have magic powers.

😧😳🤧 Isn't it a bit of an odd time to finally get rid of this, just as interest rates are finally rising and the base rate has jumped from 0.1 per cent to 1.25 per cent in six months? We discuss why the Bank of England is doing this and whether it is the right move, or could lead to risky lending and even higher house prices? Plus, inflation-fighting savings, current accounts to switch to, why investors aren't buying the dips, and can your neighbour build on your wall?

😧😳🤧 A 'mild' recession could be a 'distinct possibility' if consumer spending slows down further and the EU and US fall into their own recessions, according to KPMG.

😧😳🤧 Sterling is down more than 9 per cent this year against the dollar and has also fallen, though less steeply, against the euro. Ordinary Britons will certainly notice that the pound in their pocket is worth a lot less if they are taking holidays in Disneyland or the Big Apple. But can this be good for business, Ruth Sunderland and Alex Brummer debate the issue.

😧😳🤧 It is often heard when stock markets stage a brief comeback at a time when pessimism and woe have driven share prices lower.

😧😳🤧 The stockbroker Peel Hunt is now offering a service allowing easier access to IPOs for clients of AJ Bell, Hargreaves Lansdown and Interactive Investor.

😧😳🤧 Fresh analysis of figures dating back to 2008 shows a meteoric rise in the number of savers using the government's Pension Tracing Service. Enquiries rose from an equivalent rate of 173 a day in 2008 to around 5,780 per day in 2020 - more than 33 times' the original figure. The service aims to reunite people with abandoned pension pots, which increase in number when you swap jobs, move home, and lose touch with your providers.

😧😳🤧 I went to the Coventry Building Society to arrange a transfer of my Isa from Metro Bank, but nothing happened. I thought transferring an Isa took 15 days.

😧😳🤧 NS&I is Britain's biggest savings provider and looks after £207bn for 25 million people. Premium Bonds are its most popular account.

😧😳🤧 The MG4 will be offered as a cut-price alternative to popular battery-powered hatches already on the market, including the Volkswagen ID.3 and Nissan Leaf from early next year. But the most eye-catching feature is that it will debut an all-new platform and 'One Pack' battery system, which from launch offers up to 280 miles of range. The one-size-fits-all battery pack is not only ultra-thin and extremely light, but can be upgraded with over the air updates, or swapped entirely if a customer wants more power or range.

😧😳🤧 The Frankfurt state prosecutor's office said searches had been carried out at eight properties linked to the Korean car makers in Germany and Luxembourg.

😧😳🤧 The manufacturer says its 'single-curved aerodynamic profile and carefully crafted contours' have created its most aerodynamic car yet.

😧😳🤧 All I am hearing at the moment is that the energy price cap is going to go up again in October by hundreds of pounds. I'm on a standard tariff, but I recently got the offer of a fixed-rate deal from my supplier. I haven't been tempted so far because it looks so expensive. But am I wrong? Should I be locking into a fixed energy tariff?

😧😳🤧 Choosing the right DIY platform is crucial but a wealth of choice and a variety of charges can leave investors scratching their heads. We pick some of the best. We pick some of the best. We also highlight why investing in an Isa makes sense, as it should protect your hopefully growing investments from tax forever.

😧😳🤧 We pick our five favourite cash Isas for savers. This is essential Isa reading and is kept up-to-date throughout the year

😧😳🤧 The average two-year and five-year fixed rate increased again in April, reaching 2.86% and 3.01% respectively.

😧😳🤧 If you are interested in buying shares or know more about unearthing good companies and valuing them, read our guide to share investing.

😧😳🤧 Buy-to-let lost some of its spark in recent years but that might be about to change as new tax cuts and low mortgage rates have caused landlords to flock back to the market.



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