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😨😑😷 Ricky Martin is speaking out and denying allegations of domestic abuse leveled against him in order to file a restraining order against the Latin pop star. Puerto Rican singer was hit with a restraining order from an alleged ex in Puerto Rico, according to law enforcement on Saturday. A representative for Martin, 50, called the abuse allegations 'completely false and fabricated' in a statement provided to People later in the day.

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😨😑😷 Chris Pratt showed his appreciation for military veterans at the premiere of his new action thriller series The Terminal List on Wednesday night He shook hands with veterans and thanked them.

😨😑😷 Ree Drummond, 53, and her sister Betsy Smith, have been cooking up a new project. They are renovating a guest house in Ree's hometown, Pawhuska, Oklahoma.

😨😑😷 Tom Hanks is known as an amazing actor and two time Oscar winner, but he also has developed a reputation as a wedding crasher. He has been included in three weddings with strangers.

😨😑😷 Stranger Things actress Winona Ryder has been dating her boyfriend Scott Mackinlay Hahn for 10 years. And the former 90s vet - who starred in The Age Of Innocence - feels that he is her soulmate.

😨😑😷 Comedian David Spade surprised a hardworking Burger King employee with a whooping $5,000 donation on Thursday.

😨😑😷 She discusses having to bulk up for the part, now that her character Jane Foster has morphed into the Mighty Thor alongside her very buff co-star Chris Hemsworth.

😨😑😷 'I don't think about it. I mean, that's the God's honest truth,' she shared with InStyle as she added that fundamentally the pressure put on women to worry about looking older is 'sexist' as men do not.

😨😑😷 Broadway playwright and director James Rado has died at the age of 90. Rado passed away on Tuesday night in New York City of cardio respiratory arrest.

😨😑😷 The Australian 22-year-old - who portrays Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen - is best known for her role as Meg in Foxtel/Sky/Amazon series Upright

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😨😑😷 Jose Canseco's daughter Josie Canseco has landed a new job working for Luli Fama Swimwear which is based in Miami. The 25-year-old blonde beauty was seen in several photos while wearing the strappy, sexy swimsuits as she posed on a white sand beach. The star is a budding model who is best known for being the daughter of former baseball great Jose and also for having dating Caitlyn Jenner's son Brody Jenner.

😨😑😷 The beauty, 37, posted a brief clip of her flaunting her body as she posed in the mirror in a hot pink sports bra and leggings on Wednesday.

😨😑😷 The 41-year-old reality superstar indulged in a luxurious vacation to Tahiti with her 28-year-old boyfriend, who recently left the cast of Saturday Night Live after the long-running series' latest season.

😨😑😷 The stunner, 23, was in a black string bikini while taking in the natural beauty of the coast in the tropics. 'Fun in the sun on Maui,' the blonde star wrote in her caption.

😨😑😷 The beauty showed off her butt and legs in one image while flashing her chest in another as she made her Instagram followers go wild while showering her with compliments.

😨😑😷 She supported pal Hailey Bieber at her launch party for her new skincare brand Rhode last week.

😨😑😷 On Tuesday the Real Housewives Of New York veteran announced on Instagram that she has created a line of swimwear that will be available on the Home Shopping Network.

😨😑😷 Christie Brinkley, 68, shows off her gorgeously toned summer body posing and wearing a blue bikini in a new Instagram post to promote her wine brand, Bellissima, and her appearance on QVC.

😨😑😷 The 41-year-old reality TV star wore a nude bra top and matching skirt as she shared that she has launched her skincare business named SKKN BY KIM. It does not include the West last name.

😨😑😷 The brunette beauty from Georgia was in a strappy bikini as he lifted her up in his arms. He also posed with her on the shore as they packed on the public displays of affection.

😨😑😷 This comes after the photogenic wonder looked dazzling in floor length gowns and diamonds as she attended the Cannes Film Festival.

😨😑😷 The 20-year-old daughter of Lisa Rinna and Harry Hamlin looked incredibly toned and tanned in a very attractive light brown strappy bikini with a halter style top.

😨😑😷 Jessica Simpson shows off her slim fit figure after 100-lb weightless in a one-piece swimsuit that is part of her new summer collection for her clothing line.


Which celebrity has the most enviable car collection?

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  • Scott Disick31 votes
  • Kim Kardashian47 votes
  • Khloe Kardashian8 votes
  • Jay Leno417 votes
  • Jerry Seinfeld69 votes

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Which over-50 star has stayed in the best shape?

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  • Sandra Bullock769 votes
  • Nicole Kidman500 votes
  • Sharon Stone477 votes
  • Salma Hayek1121 votes
  • Halle Berry2005 votes
  • Christie Brinkley990 votes

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Which family member seems the most interesting on Hulu's The Kardashians?

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  • Khloe Kardashian737 votes
  • Kourtney Kardashian916 votes
  • Kendall Jenner655 votes
  • Kylie Jenner354 votes
  • Kris Jenner497 votes

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