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😓😆😛 President Joe Biden is pleading with the major companies who are 'running gas stations' to bring down their prices because 'this is a time of war and global peril.' Biden tweeted (left inset) Saturday: 'Bring down the price you are charging at the pump to reflect the cost you're paying for the product. And do it now.' The tweet came amid the July 4th holiday weekend where Americans are paying an average of $4.822 for gas. Biden's tweet got the attention of world's third richest man, Jeff Bezos, who replied (top right): 'Ouch. Inflation is far too important a problem for the White House to keep making statements like this. It's either straight ahead misdirection or a deep misunderstanding of basic market dynamics.' And Chinese state media reporter Chen Weihua tweeted: 'Now US President finally realized that capitalism is all about exploitation. He didn't believe this before.'

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😓😆😛 Lisa DeSort, the mother of Azsia Johnson, 20, who was killed after being shot in the head on Wednesday evening attended her alleged killer's arraignment on Saturday at Manhattan Criminal Court. Isaac Argro, 22, was arrested on Friday and charged with murder and criminal possession of a weapon, after his ex-girlfriend was shot and killed. Johnson was pushing her three-month-old baby girl in a stroller at the time.

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😓😆😛 In one of the episodes, Baymax asks a woman in the tampon aisle for advice, as he is shopping for period products for Sofia, who got her first period.

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😓😆😛 Police found 31 decomposed bodies at an Indiana funeral home after locals alerted them to a foul stench coming from the building where some of the deceased had been stored for months.

😓😆😛 City of Orlando sent out an email promoting their Independence Day fireworks but noted how they would understand if people didn't want to celebrate at the present time.


😓😆😛 Puerto Rican superstar Ricky Martin was served a restraining order from an alleged ex partner in Puerto Rico, according to law enforcement on Saturday. He has denied allegations of abuse.

Twitter mob gets Midwest college graduate, 24, fired from first job in NYC after he was branded 'racist' for complaining that it's hard to shop for dinner at Bronx bodegas in TikTok video

😓😆😛 A college graduate was fired from his first job in NYC after a Twitter mob descended on him for complaining it was hard to shop for dinner at his local bodegas. Griffin Green, 24, moved to the Bronx from Michigan last week for a new opportunity as a sales development rep with the software company Outreach, Reason reported. He took to TikTok to complain that bodegas - corner stores - in his Bronx neighborhood only stocked unhealthy instant foods, and that it was hard to shop properly there, compared to a larger supermarket like Kroger back home. But busybody Twitter hall monitors soon seized on the clips, claiming they demonstrated white privilege, with Green's cowardly employer bowing to pressure from the niche accounts to terminate their staffer. Outreach told Reason that Green was fired for sharing an offer of employment letter on social media, not because of the controversial bodega videos which earned him the moniker 'Bodega Bro.' But the publication suggested Outreach was using that as a fig leaf to justify its decision to fire him over the innocuous bodega clips

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😓😆😛 EVE SIMMONS: About one in five people in California use cannabis regularly, and it has become something of a health trend - not simply legal and above board but practically de rigueur.

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😓😆😛 The legendary 40-year-old is missing the historic tournament for the first time since 1999 - 23 years - so he can recover from a knee injury, but made his return to SW19 on Sunday morning.

😓😆😛 Victoria Arbiter, 48, was 'mocked mercilessly' online by supporters of the Sussexes when she was conned into giving her thoughts two days before the controversial interview aired.

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😓😆😛 The Prince of Wales, 73, is primed to take on some of the more demanding official duties, while events such as the State Opening of Parliament, once thought necessary, have been removed.

Boy, 3, in diaper 'accidentally' falls to his death from 29th floor of NYC apartment building: Mom was seen screaming 'my baby' after the tragedy and neighbor claims she heard fight shortly before

😓😆😛 A 3-year-old boy has died after falling from a 29th floor balcony of a New York City apartment building on Saturday morning as his devastated mother screamed out 'My baby, my baby, he is up there,' from the street below. Police responded a 911 call at the Taino Towers residential complex in Harlem around 11:10 a.m., where they found the toddler on a third floor scaffolding. Neighbors told the New York Post they heard what sounded like a 'boom' and a 'thump' when the boy fell. He was taken to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead.

😓😆😛 Saddle River Day girls basketball coach Danny Brown has been accused of assaulting a student in a hotel room on December 30.

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😓😆😛 Prince Andrew gave Ghislaine Maxwell 'unrestricted access' to Buckingham Palace as part of their close friendship in 2000s, a former royal protection officer has claimed.

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😓😆😛 A leading Russian scientist died less than two days after he was dragged out of a cancer bed and locked up on charges of high treason. Dmitry Kolker, 54, was 'tortured', his family said. He was flown across Russia from Novosibirsk, where he taught quantum physics and maths, to Moscow's notorious Lefortovo Prison on Friday. After 48 hours, the leading laser scientist died, his family announced today. He was under the watch of state security service the FSB, once led by Vladimir Putin. Dr Kolker's family accused the FSB of 'torture' and abusing the doctor's human rights by pulling him out of his death bed. He had stage 4 pancreatic cancer. The FSB claimed it had medical authorisation to unplug him from his hospital drip and lock him up as part of a major spy probe. The scientist was accused of leading a pro-China spy ring alongside Professor Anatoly Maslov, 75, a hypersonic technologies teacher.

😓😆😛 Vladimir Putin has been informed that the entire Luhansk region is now under Russian control, defence minister Sergei Shoigu stated. Russia claimed to have won the Battle of Lysychansk today

😓😆😛 Jaclyn Smith, 76, muses that ageing is funny and says work is rejuvenating. The original Charlie's Angel star reveals that she had an idyllic childhood, but it changed when she got to Hollywood

😓😆😛 The Russian ice hockey star detained for 'draft dodging' on Friday and forcibly enlisted in the army has been taken to a remote Arctic naval base. Ivan Fedotov, 25 (left), signed with NHL team the Philadelphia Flyers last month in a contract worth $1.1million (£900,000). But two days ago he was rounded up by Russian plain-clothes policemen and taken to an army enlistment office in St Petersburg (bottom right). Fedotov, widely seen as the best goalie in the Russian-Chinese KHL league, is accused of seeking to dodge the draft as Russia struggles to recruit soldiers to fight in Ukraine. Also pictured, top right: a submarine at naval outpost Severomorsk.

😓😆😛 Justin Bieber's grandmother was involved in a a fiery car crash in Ontario this weekend, TMZ reported on Saturday.

😓😆😛 Stuart Mills explains how he fell in love with Netflix from its launch in 2012. On 1 February 2013, House of Cards dropped and everything changed for him

😓😆😛 Rupert Murdoch (pictured) was snapped at his granddaughter Charlotte Freud's wedding to Luke Storey (both pictured) this weekend. The billionaire media tycoon, 91, who donned a white suit for the Cotswold event, was just one of the prolific guests celebrating the couple as they tied the knot. Despite Murdoch's fourth divorce current being underway, after his estranged wife Jerry Hall filed divorce papers in an LA court on Friday, he was seen mingling with other attendees. Some 70 guests celebrated Charlotte's marriage to rapper Luke Storey, including the bride's mother business woman Elisabeth Murdoch and her partner, artist Keith Tyson (both pictured).

😓😆😛 A glitch in American Airlines' crew scheduling system has created a new nightmare for the airline's management and passengers alike beginning over the July 4th weekend.

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😓😆😛 As of Saturday, 604 flights have been canceled, and 2,900 have been delayed, according to Flight Aware, which reported that by the end of Friday, 586 U.S. flights were called off.

Ohio cops shot 'unarmed' black man who was grieving the loss of his fiancée NINETY times as he fled traffic stop, family lawyer claims - but police insist he was armed and shot at them first

😓😆😛 Jayland Walker, 25, left, was shot dead by police in Ohio having been fired at 90 times. Akron police have said Walker fired a gun at officers who were pursuing him following a traffic stop. They are seen investigating bullet casings, top right. Walker was running from the police when he was killed. The medical examiner said he had multiple gunshot wounds. Police have not said how many officers were involved or how many rounds were fired. A Video of his killing will be released at 1pm on Sunday by Akron Police. Walker was just getting over the death of his fiancee, Jaymeisha Beasley, bottom right, who was killed in a car crash one month prior. Inset center, Jayland Walker's mother, Pamela, left, and his sister Jada, right, embrace in tears on Saturday.

😓😆😛 Three police officers were injured and a woman, who has not been identified, was shot and killed in Haltom City, Texas on Saturday night after she called 911 to report the active shooter.

😓😆😛 Analysts think JB Pritzker may seek a bid for the White House. He recently made donations to governors in battleground states and spoke at New Hampshire's Democratic convention last month.

DC driver kills cyclist and fireworks stand worker after losing control of truck 'during medical emergency' in horror smash that left one victim 'DECAPITATED'

😓😆😛 A male cyclist and a fireworks stand worker were pronounced dead at the scene with one of the victims reportedly decapitated during the gruesome crash. The incident happened on Saturday around 5:30 pm after the driver of the pick up truck reportedly ran a red light before crashing into the fireworks stand, Washington DC Police Department said, Fox News reported. The driver was believed to have been experiencing a medical emergency when the crash occurred, police said. The driver of the truck and a passenger were taken to the hospital, The Washington Post reported

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'I'm just going to go back in for a bit': Last words Austrian snorkeller, 68, killed by a mako shark in the Red Sea spoke to her Egyptian partner before losing arm and leg in horrific attack - as officials CLOSE stretch of coastline around Hurghada

😓😆😛 The Austrian pensioner, 68, was walking in shallow water while using a snorkel with fins not far from the beach near Hurghada and told her Egyptian partner: 'I'll go back in for a moment'. Horror footage (main) then shows her clamouring toward safety with the aid of a flipper at Sahl Hasheesh bay, south of Hurghada as the waters around her turned scarlet red. Terrified onlookers tried to distract the Mako shark, but no one jumped in to help her. An Egyptian health official said she was taken to the private Nile Hospital (hospital, right) where she could not be resuscitated and appears to have died from the shock after her arm and leg were torn off. Yesterday, officials at the Red Sea Governorate closed the area of the attack and Hurghada (inset) to all sea activity including fishing and diving. It will most likely open tomorrow to tourists again. The woman from Kramsach, Tyrol who has not so far been named leaves behind a daughter and her family are being supported by the Austrian embassy in Cairo.

😓😆😛 WASHINGTON (AP) - The Marshal of the U.S. Supreme Court has asked Maryland officials to step up the enforcement of laws she says prohibit picketing outside...

😓😆😛 Joe Turkel, a star in several Stanley Kubrick films like The Shining and Blade Runner, has died at the age of 94.

Driver, 40, of Shockwave Jet Truck dies racing two planes at 300mph after his vehicle passes giant explosion and bursts into flames

😓😆😛 Chris Darnell, 40, died after his jet truck was engulfed in flames when he released his parachute while racing planes going 300mphs. The driver was killed during the 'pyrotechnic' event at the Battle Creek Air Show in Michigan shortly after 1pm on Saturday, police confirmed. Witnesses say the Shockwave jet truck was racing two planes that were going 300 mph. When the driver deployed his parachute, the truck reportedly engulfed in flames and a large plume of black smoke. '[The driver] was doing his show and going down the runway,' Suze Gusching, media relations for Field of Flight told the Battle Creek Enquirer. 'He passed by the explosion, and his truck had exploded.' Video of the incident shows a large explosion happening right before the truck barreled into it. As the vehicle came flying out of the other side, it significantly slowed and was covered in thick smoke.


😓😆😛 Jon Stewart, 59, said the Supreme Court's decision to overturn Roe v. Wade was a 'cynical pursuit' and compared the Court to 'Fox News.'

😓😆😛 Mississippi House Speaker Philip Gunn said he didn't think abortion laws should make exceptions for rape and incest because he thinks 'life begins at conception' and 'every life is valuable.'

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😓😆😛 The family of a black teenager whose murder inspired the Civil Rights movement in America, will never get justice, it was claimed last night.

😓😆😛 Melania was dressed in a maroon and white striped dress as she was pictured leaving Trump Tower Saturday. The former first lady, 52, made her way to waiting SUV's flanked by Secret Service agents. It's believed former President Donald Trump, is currently enjoying his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey. Melania recently came under fire after it was revealed she had refused to ask rioters to back down last year when they stormed the U.S. Capitol. Melania received scrutiny after her former Chief of Staff Stephanie Grisham shared a screenshot of an alleged text to Twitter earlier this week, which showed her declining to speak out against the Capitol violence.


😓😆😛 Police are investigating a death threat against J.K. Rowling after a trans activist urged Twitter users to send a bomb to the author's home.

😓😆😛 Kaitlin Armstrong, 34, likely traveled to Costa Rica using her sister's passport and possibly underwent plastic surgery while on the run. Two US passports were found amid her belongings.

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😓😆😛 Gisele Bundchen (right) was showing off her animal print swimsuit alongside her husband, NFL star Tom Brady (left), as their family continues to enjoy their summer holiday on an Italian yacht. The 45-year-old supermodel and the seven-time Super Bowl champion, 44, were pictured aboard the yacht on Saturday with their two children, Vivian Lake, 9, and Benjamin, 12. Although Bundchen stepped out the yacht covering up with a dark-blue hoodie, she removed it to reveal a black and yellow animal strip swimsuit as she donned a sun hat. Brady wore simple white trunks and goggles as he was seen standing at the edge of the ship  before playfully taking the first dive into the water at Porto Cervo, Italy.

😓😆😛 Prestonsburg Police Capt. Ralph Frasure, Deputy William Petry and K9 Drago were killed late Thursday night after encountering 'pure hell' at a home in Allen.

😓😆😛 Travis Barker announced on his Insta Stories this Saturday afternoon that he is 'currently much better' after being hospitalized with pancreatitis on Tuesday following a polyp removal.

😓😆😛 She survived 1970s Hollywood, three divorces and breast cancer with barely a blemish. Now Jaclyn Smith has shared her surprising secret for staying young - recycling her own fat. Looking as dazzling as she did on her Charlie's Angels debut in 1975, the actress today tells The Mail on Sunday's You magazine she has avoided resorting to conventional cosmetic work to defy the years in favour of her own bizarre regimen. 'I don't believe in fillers and I haven't done any cutting,' says Jaclyn, on her minimal procedures. 'If I put anything in my face, I use my own fat, which is hard to do.'


😓😆😛 The Eton-educated star was spotted smiling and chatting with US rocker Alison Mosshart as they travelled on a London Overground train last week, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

😓😆😛 The Tour de France kicked off in Denmark's capital Copenhagen yesterday under the approving faces of the Danish Royal family (Crown Prince Frederick pictured).

😓😆😛 Damian Lewis looked in good spirits as he attended the Serpentine Gallery's annual summer party alongside musician Alison Mosshart late last month.  The pair were also seen chatting as they travelled on a London Overground train together last week.  As it appears a new romance may be on the horizon for Damian a year after the death of his wife Helen McCrory, MailOnline has taken a look at the life of the multi-talented artist he has been spending time with.

😓😆😛 High-resolution footage of Snake Island precedes military drone footage of a Russian supply truck sitting on a jetty. A white blob glides into the shot and obliterates it in a flash, leaving the jetty ablaze.

😓😆😛 The mother, who is half-Russian, was left with glass lodged inside her right eye and hundreds of particles embedded in her skin following the assault on her home in the city of Kharkiv, eastern Ukraine.

😓😆😛 JAMIE BARTLETT: While rumours abound, the truth is that, since that October morning five years ago, no one has known for sure where Ignatova has been - or even whether she is still alive. However, following my four-year international investigation with BBC producer Georgia Catt, the story of what happened to the missing Cryptoqueen can be pieced together for the first time. Based on hundreds of sources, including insiders in the world of luxury yachts and penthouses that Ignatova inhabited, my theory is that she had been living in her native Bulgaria, then later Dubai, where she has been linked to a multi-million-pound mansion in a high-security complex. And when the Gulf state, at first a welcoming haven, became too hot to handle, I believe Ignatova set off again - for international waters. My theory is that she is living the high life on board a private superyacht bobbing around in the Mediterranean. NOT that you would recognise her from the infamous photo in the Bulgarian edition of Forbes magazine that lent her credibility as she lured in victims - including many in Britain - to OneCoin, billing it as a more user-friendly, and far more lucrative, alternative to Bitcoin. For Ignatova, 42, is believed to have undergone plastic surgery to alter her appearance, as well as dyeing her dark hair blonde and losing weight.

😓😆😛 Veteran broadcaster Simon Reed was one of 27 'match commentators' hired by the corporation to cover the two-week tennis tournament for TV, radio and streaming services.

😓😆😛 It was something of a family affair when Adele made her stage comeback on Friday night. Her ex-husband, businessman Simon Konecki, and current boyfriend, sports agent Rich Paul (left), were seen together for the first time as they watched the 34-year-old perform in Hyde Park in Central London (inset). The pair, accompanied by Adele's nine-year-old son Angelo, were spotted chatting in the VIP area, where they were joined by actress Cameron Diaz, presenter Lorraine Kelly, comedian James Corden and his wife Julia Carey.

😓😆😛 Adele has revealed how the 'brutal' fan backlash prompted by the cancellation of her Las Vegas residency in January left her feeling like a 'shell of a person'.

😓😆😛 The Grammy and Oscar winner, 34, spoke about how she 'felt terrible' after her seven-stone weight loss upset some of her body- conscious younger fans.

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Gruesome moment Australian UFC fighter's arm breaks just 42 seconds into her bout in Las Vegas

😓😆😛 The 34-year-old Queenslander was urged to retire by some fans after her bout against Julija Stoliarenko ended in savage fashion, leaving her with a snapped arm. It was the second-fastest submission in the history of the women's bantamweight division, bettered only by UFC legend Ronda Rousey.

😓😆😛 Keanu was trying to keep a low profile in a battered old red cap to saunter to the Formula 1 VIP area where he watched Carlos Sainz take the first pole position of his career at a rain-soaked Silverstone.

😓😆😛 An Australian personal trainer has shared her daily eating strategy to maintain her lithe physique complete with smoothies, avocado salads and a sweet potato dinner.

😓😆😛 Graphic, topless images of Kayla Laws had been stolen from her computer by an anonymous hacker and posted on a sleazy website for the world to see. The photos had been taken by Kayla in front of her bedroom mirror and were never intended to be shared publicly. They had been stored safely - or so Kayla had thought - on her laptop. For Charlotte (pictured right), this triggered a two-year battle to bring the man responsible - Hunter Moore - to justice.

😓😆😛 Britney Spears took to Instagram to share a long, emotional post about mental health wellness on Saturday. The 40-year-old singer-songwriter first shared a caption written by Makenzy Smith.

😓😆😛 Lindsay Lohan appears to have secretly wed her beau Bader Shammas after calling him her 'husband' in a gushing Instagram post on Saturday. 

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😓😆😛 Cristiano Ronaldo and his girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez continued to enjoy their Majorcan family holiday on Saturday as they were spotted relaxing on his lavish superyacht. The Manchester United footballer, 37, showed off his jaw-dropping muscles as he went shirtless while sitting on the upper deck of the £5.5million 26.78m CG Mare yacht. He donned a pair of blue trunks and shielded his face from the sun with a black cap while lounging around with their son Cristiano Jr, 11.

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😓😆😛 NICK CALLOW AT WIMBLEDON: Aussie Kyrgios and his Greek opponent both received warnings from the umpire and their epic late night battle then spilled into a post-match war of words.

😓😆😛 The sport's former ringmaster told The Mail on Sunday last weekend that he intends to end his Covid-prompted absence from races, starting at the Red Bull Ring in Spielberg.

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😓😆😛 DailyMail.com's Jenny Stanton discovered both an oasis of rest and relaxation and a wild party atmosphere at Pharrell Williams and David Grutman's The Goodtime hotel. The 266-room reimagined Art Deco property opened its doors on Miami Beach's Washington Avenue in April 2021 and appears to have thrived while other hotels have struggled during the pandemic. The rooms range from individual queen bed accommodations to a handful of suites, many with views west to Biscayne Bay or east to the Atlantic Ocean.

😓😆😛 A celebrity facialist who boasts Kim Kardashian, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Victoria Beckham as clients has revealed how you should be looking after your skin in the cooler months.

😓😆😛 Trevor Noah was spotted catching up with some of his pals for two-hour meal at il Buco al Mare in the heart of Amagansett on Saturday, just two months after his shock split from Minka Kelly.

😓😆😛 He emerged victorious from a highly controversial defamation lawsuit against his ex-wife Amber Heard. And just weeks after the conclusion of the trial, Johnny Depp appears to be relaxing in Europe amid a new music tour on the continent and ahead of his first new film in more than two years. HIs travels have taken him to Sweden, where he took advantage of 'a lull in Stockholm... between shows,' for a cruise on a boat, which he documented on his Instagram page on Saturday.


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😓😆😛 Goldie Hawn, 76, and Kurt Russell, 71, proved that their fun wasn't over just yet as they continued on their trip to Palazzo Avino in Ravello, Italy on Saturday. The Hollywood couple looked a happy as ever as they enjoyed a leisurely stroll through the picturesque streets, with Goldie slipping into a stunning patterned smock dress. 

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😓😆😛 David and Victoria Beckham are to host all three of their sons' partners on holiday aboard a luxury yacht in Italy, despite rumoured rifts among the women.

😓😆😛 Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez cut cute, casual figures while browsing for luxury cars at a dealership in Beverly Hills on Saturday. The singer-songwriter, 52, donned a white, long-sleeve shirt.

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😓😆😛 While the gaudy city strip was once packed with elaborate revue shows with names such as Jubilee!, Folies Bergere and Lido De Paris, they have been replaced with big-name acts like Celine Dion, Elton John and acrobatic theatre from the Cirque du Soleil. At the height of their fame, in the 1950s and 1960s, showgirls became synonymous with the glamour and glitz of Vegas, popularised by Rat Pack entertainers such as Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr. Each girl had to be between 5ft 8in and 6ft and weigh no more than 8st 8lbs. Most were classically trained dancers. They would wear five sets of false eyelashes - three on top, two on the bottom - and their breasts had to be 'small and natural'. Their elaborate headdresses could weigh up to 25 lb and cost up to £8,000 each. Swarovski-encrusted bikinis and exotic plumes meant costumes could easily cost £12,000.