'He's getting more PR than the Queen!' ITV bosses are slammed after Tom Cruise used Platinum Jubilee interview to plug new Top Gun movie

  • Actor introduced thrills and spills of King's Troop Royal Horse Artillery display
  • 59-year-old was mobbed as¬†he arrived at Royal Windsor Horse Show yesterday
  • After a few words in the arena Mr Cruise enjoyed longer live ITV interview¬†
  • Phillip Schofield and Julie Etchingham praised movie he dedicated 'to the fans'
  • But critics said that it had 'cheapened' the first event of Platinum Jubilee¬†



ITV were today accused of allowing Tom Cruise to hijack and 'cheapen' the opening event of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee so he could promote Top Gun 2 in return for reading for less than a minute from an Autocue.

The 59-year-old American star was mobbed by fans as he arrived at the Royal Windsor Horse Show before a 55-second appearance where he introduced the King's Troop Royal Horse Artillery as 'one of the most enthralling, thrilling, heart-in-mouth displays' he'd ever seen.

But there were no stunts from him, as he then enjoyed a much longer interview with Phillip Schofield and Julie Etchingham at the celebratory evening, where he describe his new film as being made 'for the fans' after the hosts also raved about his new film.

One critic watching at home said: 'So sad to cheapen the #queensjubilee @itv by using it as a publicity stunt for @TomCruise. Very sad and disappointing. This isn't the time for advertising. Such a shame'.

Another tweeted sarcastically: 'Why are they now talking about the Queen and interrupting Tom Cruise's #PlatinumJubilee PR stunt?' while one royal expert joked: 'Did Tom Cruise pay ITV?'.

Acclaimed PR guru Mark Borkowski told MailOnline that there was 'no way' Cruise would have taken part if he couldn't give his Top Gun sequel a 'big push' on live TV.

Mr Cruise, who is in the UK to promote his new movie, was able to do so on the ITV show watched by 5.1million viewers last night - comfortably the most watched broadcast in the UK yesterday.

Mr Borkowski said: 'I doubt they paid him to appear - but may have covered all his expenses. ITV will have wanted to have the biggest show possible and that means bringing in A-Listers such as Tom Cruise and other top talent like Helen Mirren and Damian Lewis because it brings in advertising'. 

MailOnline has asked ITV to comment on whether Cruise was paid.

 'Why has he promoted his new film?': Tom Cruise has been slammed by ITV viewers for 'plugging' Top Gun: Maverick during The Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebration on Sunday

Interview: The 59-year-old film star sat down for an interview with Phillip Schofield and Julie Etchingham during the celebratory evening, but was soon at the heart of Twitter discussion after speaking of his upcoming film at length

Iconic: Phillip shared a photo with the film star on Instagram and wrote: 'Just checking our tuxedos before the show .. as you do!! @tomcruise #platinumjubilee #topgunmaverick'. Mr Schofield said he loved the film

Upcoming: Top Gun: Maverick is the anticipated sequel to the 1986 original Top Gun (Tom Cruise pictured in the first movie)

Phillip Schofield reveals Tom Cruise 'caused absolute chaos' 

Tom Cruise caused chaos when he decided to ignore protocol and walk through Windsor on Sunday.

The Hollywood star was taking part in the Queen's Platinum Jubilee Celebration at Home Park in the historic UK town, but instead of being driven he opted for a stroll and was mobbed by fans.

Phillip Schofield, who hosted the ITV coverage of the celebrations on Sunday, called Tom 'a class act' but admitted there were chaotic scenes. 

Speaking to his This Morning co-host Holly Willoughby on Monday morning, Phil explained of Tom's antics: 'He caused absolute chaos in Windsor because he decided to walk to the studio.

'So the police then obviously had to do serious crowd control at the drop of a hat, but he met everybody.'

Phillip went on to call him 'the most delightful man', saying: 'When he did our interview he then went downstairs and met everybody, went into rooms to meet people and made proper eye contact. He is a class act.'


Top Gun: Maverick is the anticipated sequel to the 1986 original Top Gun, with its release initially slated for July 12, 2019, before complex flight sequences, the Covid pandemic and scheduling conflicts pushed it back to 2022. 

'Every film I make is important, but this one, people have been asking for decades. For decades I’ve been thinking "what could I do?"', the Hollywood icon explained to Phillip, 60, and Julie, 52. 

The production of the new instalment was 'emotional' for Tom, but taking the step to create a sequel to the commercial hit was 'for the fans.' 

Cruise said he didn‚Äôt hesitate for a second when asked to take part in the event. ‚ÄėIt is a wonderful event and I feel very privileged to be here. I was very honoured,‚Äô he said.

‚ÄėShe is just a woman I greatly admire. She is someone who has tremendous dignity. I admire her devotion and what she has accomplished is historic.‚Äô

Continuing his praise, Tom said: 'Presidents, world leaders, people of all walks of life, not just in America but the world, knows dignity and devotion and kindness - something I’ve always felt about her.'

He also revealed a previous brush with royalty during the interview, as he recalled when he met the Duke Of Edinburgh, Prince Philip revealed he'd been the first person to land a helicopter at Buckingham Palace.

 He said: 'He was telling me a wonderful story about how he got the first helicopter into Buckingham Palace during the coronation. A fantastic story.'

While the actor did speak highly of the monarch, ITV viewers were not impressed that more emphasis was placed on his latest career venture. 

'Why has Tom Cruise just promoted his new film?' one tweet read. 

Another viewer penned: 'So you think if #TomCruise didn't have a big film release, would he have appeared here for #platinumjubilee ??' 

A third sarcastic tweet read: 'Thought it was the Queen's Jubilee not an opportunity for Tom Cruise to promote himself'.  

Proud moment: Elsewhere in his interview, a suited and booted Tom gushed: 'It's a wonderful event; it's an honour to be here. It's a privilege'

Having their say: While the actor did speak highly of the monarch, ITV viewers were not impressed that more emphasis was placed on his latest career venture



ITV bosses are slammed after Tom Cruise used Platinum Jubilee interview to plug new Top Gun movie 

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