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🤕😞😁 A 22-year-old man who shot three people dead and critically wounded another four when he opened fire inside a mall in Copenhagen, Denmark, on Sunday has mental health issues and there is no indication the attack was an act of terror, police have said today. The man - an ethnic Dane - began his rampage inside a Field's mall on the outskirts of the capital at 5.35pm, killing a 47-year-old Russian national who had been living in Denmark and two 17-year-old Danes - one male and one female. Four others were also shot and are now in critical condition in hospital: Two Danish women, one aged 40 and another aged 19; and two Swedes, a 50-year-old man and a 16-year-old girl. The shooter was arrested outside the mall 13 minutes after the attack started, and is now in police custody. He is expected to appear in court later today. Chilling footage taken in the midst of the attack shows the man - dressed in a black vest, shorts and black boots - casually strolling around the mall carrying what appears to be a hunting rifle. More footage - posted to social media before the attack - shows the man posing with rifles, putting a gun to his head, and talking about being on psychiatric medication that 'does not work'.

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🤕😞😁 Lawyers representing Heard, 36, filed the motion on Friday on the grounds that the verdict that she had defamed Depp, 59, was not supported by evidence. They also alleged that a juror had not been properly vetted, and questioned whether that juror was even supposed to be allowed on the jury. In a 43-page memorandum Heard's lawyers argued that the verdict - and the $10million in damages she now owes Depp - should be tossed out, on the grounds that during the trial Depp 'proceeded solely on a defamation by implication theory, abandoning any claims that Ms. Heard's statements were actually false.' Depp's lead attorney, Ben Chew, responded to the motion in a statement to Courthouse News, saying 'What we expected, just longer, no more substantive.'

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🤕😞😁 We asked five UK experts from the worlds of fashion, beauty, interiors, food and drink what they save on - and what they think is still well worth a splurge.


🤕😞😁 The Mail is proud to announce the launch of The Mail+, a brilliantly easy way to read your favourite newspaper on your tablet or phone.

🤕😞😁 Garry Ridge, 66, is standing down as CEO, after 25 years in the perfectly lubricated hot seat. He will be replaced by Steve Brass, an Englishman from Yorkshire.


🤕😞😁 Mark Dabbs, (right) who is straight, claims the Conservative began making inappropriate comments and then touching him when he was trying to raise cash for their local hospice in Tamworth, Staffordshire. He said: 'When we took a photo (main picture) he was touching me, then feeling my bottom. He was helping me with my charity work and I think he thought he'd get something in return.' His claims only emerged after the Tory MP was forced to quit as Boris Johnson's deputy chief whip after drunkenly groping two men in a London members-only club last week. The Prime Minister is under huge pressure to reveal what he knew about his MP's behaviour, given an allegation that Mr Johnson joked in 2020 that he was 'Pincher by name, Pincher by nature', long before he made him his deputy chief whip in February (together right). NHS worker Mr Dabbs is now the seventh person to claim that Pincher was guilty of inappropriate behaviour, and on this occasion Pincher was 'stone-cold sober' at the meeting in 2018. He said: 'He waited until we were alone and then said some inappropriate things. He said how tall and slim I was, then wanted to know If I had a partner. He said I was very muscly. I thought it was all very strange. He was very suggestive. It was vile. I was shocked that an MP would behave in this way.'

🤕😞😁 Diane Abbott made the unfounded claim that Boris Johnson is 'rumoured to like assaulting women' while responding to a question about allegations surrounding Deputy Chief Whip Chris Pincher.

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🤕😞😁 Pincher's new alleged victim, who adds to the six fresh claims made against the Tamworth MP over the weekend, has told friends that he was 'touched up' by Mr Pincher in a car last year.

Terrifying new footage shows moment MV-22 Osprey helicopter crashed into USS Green Bay off Australian coast in 2017, killing three young Marines on board

🤕😞😁 Newly-unearthed footage shows the moment a MV-22 Osprey helicopter crashed into a US warship in 2017, killing three young Marines who were on board. The clip, first posted online Saturday, shows the sophisticated helicopter - which can fly like a plane and hover like a chopper -  trying to land on the deck of the US Green Bay of the coast of Queensland, Australia, on August 5, 2017. But the chopper - which was carrying 26 members of Marine Medium Tiltrotor Squadron 265 - suddenly drops unexpectedly. It strikes its left engine compartment off the deck while pitching dramatically, with the sailor who was filming running to safety just as the chopper begins to disappear from view. Moments later, it plunged 30 feet and slammed into the Pacific Ocean. A hole in the cockpit of the damaged aircraft quickly saw it flood with water, causing it to sink. All but three of those service personnel were rescued, with the bodies of three others recovered following a 12 hour search. Those killed were  1st Lt. Benjamin Cross, 26, of Oxford, Maine, Cpl. Nathaniel Ordway, 21, of Sedgwick, Kansas and Pfc. Ruben Velasco, 19, of Los Angeles. Cross was co-piloting the aircraft, with an investigation absolving him of any blame for the crash.

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🤕😞😁 A recent study by Tesco found that the average British family wastes £800 worth of food a year, with half a million people binning perfectly edible produce on a daily basis.


🤕😞😁 RUTH SUNDERLAND: The ranks of the 'economically inactive' - those of working age who are not gainfully employed - have surged since Covid, with many of them having signed off sick.

🤕😞😁 TOWIE star Yazmin Oukhellou's mother has flown out to her hospital bedside after the reality TV personality survived a car crash which tragically killed her on-off partner Jake McLean (pictured together on left). Fellow TOWIE cast members have rushed to send their good wished for Yazmin's safe recovery, including Harry Derbidge (inset) who posted a message on Instagram. Jake, who was 33, is understood to have been driving in Bodrum, Turkey on Sunday when his car crashed over a hill before emergency services rushed to save him. Yazmin, 28, (right) famed for her appearances on ITVBe series TOWIE, is believed to be recovering in hospital after suffering serious injuries to her arms. 

🤕😞😁 TOWIE star Lauren Goodger's ex-boyfriend Jake McLean has tragically died in a car accident that has left his on-off partner Yazmin Oukhellou seriously injured.

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🤕😞😁 Jake, who was 33, is understood to have been driving in Bodrum, Turkey when his vehicle veered over a cliff before emergency services rushed to save him.

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🤕😞😁 Rosamund Pike put on a very animated display on Saturday evening as she seemingly attempted to hail a cab following the star studded nuptials of her step daughter Olive Uniacke in London .  The actress, 43, who is the partner of Olive's father Robie Uniacke, 61, looked fantastic in the stylish fuchsia gown after enjoying the evening's celebrations. Pride and Prejudice star Rosamund held her toned arm in the air as she attempted to draw attention to herself before later resorting to running down the street.  


🤕😞😁 Kerri-Ann Wool, 34, discovered she had had a stroke only when she requested her medical records a year later. The diagnosis was written in her MRI results.


🤕😞😁 The Grammy award winner, 34, once again defended her decision to cancel her Las Vegas residency 24 hours before as she spoke with BBC Radio 4's Desert Island Discs on Sunday.

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🤕😞😁 Amanda Platell said that she had been unhappy with the lines on her mouth for five years. The lines develop as part of the ageing process. She had a treatment to reduce the lines at a clinic. The tweakment was an Upper Lip Rejuvenation performed by London-based prescribing nurse practitioner Lee Garrett. Amanda says that since the treatment, friends have said her face looks 'fresh.' They have also said that she appears younger.

🤕😞😁 Melanie Harvey (pictured), 19, was last seen at around 1pm on Thursday, June 30, in Preston, Lancashire, but it is thought she travelled to Blackpool.

🤕😞😁 Mr Sharkey, 63, of the 70s punk band The Overtones, said that water supplies in London and the south-east are coming under pressure from a growing population and over-abstraction from chalk aquifers.

🤕😞😁 Bored Panda has collected hilarious snaps from around the world, showing how pets, birds and wild animals can cause chaos. One woman's beach snap was ruined by seagulls and a photobombing fisherman (left). Meanwhile one child, in an unknown location, was pictured dressed up as a dinosaur while playing a keyboard which was covered in lemurs (top right). In another hilarious, yet strange, snap, a man was captured running after a wild hog who had stolen his underwear (bottom right).


🤕😞😁 NEW OnlyFans model Heather Underwood, 32, from Knutton was left 'gobsmacked' after she was arrested and locked up by police for putting rubbish bags next to her bins eight years ago.

🤕😞😁 NEW The Ukrainian army retreated from the strategic city of Lysychansk following weeks of fierce fighting, marking a decisive breakthrough for Vladimir Putin's men in a major flashpoint of the four-month war. Lysychansk had been the final holdout in the Luhansk area of the eastern Donbas region and Moscow's capture of it frees up Russian forces to advance on Kramatorsk and Sloviansk in neighbouring Donetsk. In an address late Sunday, Zelensky vowed Kyiv would fight on and ensure the military had 'the most modern weapons', appealing for more long-range HIMARS rocket launchers supplied by the US.

🤕😞😁 The Foreign Secretary will tell a conference in Switzerland that the UK will 'do everything possible to ensure Ukraine wins the war and recovers'.

🤕😞😁 The First Minister plans to hijack the election as a single-issue vote on breaking up Britain, saying a referendum should be held if pro-independence parties win 50 per cent of the vote.

Moment Heartstopper cast danced in front of anti-LGBT protesters at London Pride

🤕😞😁 This is the moment stars of Netflix hit comedy Heartstopper danced their way past anti-LGBT protesters who tried to spoil London Pride yesterday. More than a million people took to the capital's streets celebrating the LGBTQ+ community as the event marked its 50th anniversary. But revellers were confronted by a counter-protest of men waving banners denouncing homosexuality. A young Pride supporter leaned against the railings and tried to pull down the slogan and was supported by the cast of the coming-of-age drama. Just feet away from the homophobic banners, the Heartstopper stars bounced and bopped defiantly to Whitney Houston's I Wanna Dance With Somebody.

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🤕😞😁 Fugitives accused of assault, rape and even murder remain at large, sometimes decades after their alleged offences - and the Mail even managed to track two of them down.


🤕😞😁 The mother of the three year-old boy who died after falling from a 29th floor balcony of a New York City apartment building on Saturday morning has lengthy criminal history.

Nasty Nick, the man who makes John McEnroe look tame: Love him or loathe him, Kyrgios is a prodigious talent who could be going all the way to Wimbledon final, writes ROBERT HARDMAN

🤕😞😁 ROBERT HARDMAN: He can be a terrible loser. Over the weekend, he showed just what a terrible winner he can be, too. This is the man who absolutely loves to put the 'wild' into 'wild card'. Yet, love him or loathe him (and few sit anywhere in between), Nick Kyrgios is a prodigious talent who could be going all the way to Sunday's final. Today he faces American Brandon Nakashima in the fourth round, following Saturday night's tantrum-filled Wimbledon showdown with the number four seed, Greece's Stefanos Tsitsipas.

🤕😞😁 The 81-year-old showed off his vocal range as she sang acapella encouraging the audience to join him waving their hands during the impromptu performance.


🤕😞😁 The loved-up pair packed on the PDA courtside, with Nick, 27, wrapping his arms around the 22-year-old brunette and leaning in for a passionate smooch

🤕😞😁 Veteran tennis broadcaster Sue Barker shed a tear on Centre Court yesterday as she received a standing ovation at her last Wimbledon tournament after 30 years of presenting the BBC's coverage. However there was an awkward moment for Barker as her fellow presenter John McEnroe referenced her previous relationship with singer Sir Cliff Richard, after the pair dated between 1982 and 1986. Sir Cliff had rewound the clock to sing 'Summer Holiday' a capella in the stands yesterday - some 26 years after he rose from his seat to entertain the crowd with an impromptu performance during a rain delay on July 3, 1996. And three-time Wimbledon champion McEnroe said: 'Let's hear it for Sir Cliff Richard! Sue, didn't you have a...' An embarrassed Barker replied: 'No stop, stop, stop... we'll move on, thank you John' to raucous laughs in the crowd. It comes as Britain's hopes for week two of Wimbledon ride on Cameron Norrie as the only team GB singles player left in the tournament.

🤕😞😁 Myrkl, which is available in the UK from today, is taken before drinking and breaks down alcohol in the gut before it reaches the liver.


🤕😞😁 Gerard Christopher Turner was with his family in Lezzono near the Alps in northern Italy when he decided to go for a walk in the mountains behind the village where he and his family were staying.

🤕😞😁 Seven people have been arrested for running onto the track (pictured) after the first lap crash at the British Grand Prix (inset). The Alfa Romeo, driven by Zhou Guanyu, slid upside down across the track before slamming into the tyre barrier and being launched into the fencing at the start of the Silverstone race. Following this, protestors broke on to the circuit and sat down, while the contest was immediately red flagged and cars headed for the pits.

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🤕😞😁 Sam Smith, 48, is the founder of finnCap Group plc, the largest broker for companies on the London Stock Exchange's AIM growth market, advising 118 clients in the last financial year.

🤕😞😁 The singer, 28, was forced to cancel his concert at the Danish capital's Royal Arena -which was just 500 yards away from the devastating scene at Field's shopping centre.

The moment 'hero' George Russell comes to the aid of stricken Zhou Guanyu: Fresh footage emerges of Mercedes star calling for first aid at the scene of horror crash at the British GP - after he sprinted away from his own crash at the same corner

🤕😞😁 Mercedes driver George Russell jumped from his car to race over and check on Zhou Guanyu after his Alfa Romeo vaulted a barrier at Silverstone at Sunday's Grand Prix.  The pair started eighth and ninth on the grid, and their two cars collided as they tried to go around the first corner, causing them to go flying off the track. AlphaTauri's Pierre Gasly caught Russell, who in turn clipped Zhou, who was sent careering off the track, across the gravel, into the tyre wall, which then flipped him into the catch fence. 

🤕😞😁 Chefs are also switching from British meat to cheaper produce from abroad, raising concerns that the quality of meals is under threat. Pictured: A beef roast dinner.

American woman living in the UK reveals the hilarious Britishisms that leave her baffled - from using 'alright' as a greeting to saying 'right then' before standing up to leave

🤕😞😁 The TikToker, who goes under the handle @Iamsolamusic, also explained the nuances of the Great British passion of tea drinking to her fans. She said, 'A cup of tea in the South is often called a cuppa. and in the North its often called a brew. 'Just know that if someone offers you a brew, they are not offering you a beer.' She also poked fun at the way British people end their phone conversations. She said, 'When a Brit hangs up the phone, it's almost like there's an unspoken competition for who can say bye as many times as quickly as possible. 'Know that they're not trying to rush you off the phone. or hang up quicker. That's just what they do.' She added, 'Similarly, if a Brit slaps their knees while they're standing or like looks around the room or down at their feet, then that's pretty much a universal signal that they're about to leave.'

🤕😞😁 A couple of years ago I asked the DWP how many full years I had. They wrote to me and said I had 42. Am I underpaid or is there more to it than my simple maths?

🤕😞😁 Michael Harrison, 41, of Eaton Terrace, Nottingham, has been charged with the murder of 11-year-old boy who was found injured near country park in Derbyshire and died later that day.

🤕😞😁 Russian tourists staying at the Red Sea resort where two women were mauled to death by sharks say Egyptian lifeguards were warned there were predators in the water, but laughed at the suggestion. English-speaking guests had gone to guards on duty at the Sahl Hasheesh resort, just south of Hurghada (inset), on Friday to say they had seen a shark but were mocked and told 'there are no sharks [here] and never have been'. Just 15 minutes later, 68-year-old Austrian pensioner Elisabeth Sauer (left) was mauled in front of horrified onlookers (top right) - managing to drag herself to shore before dying of shock. It later emerged that another woman - identified only as a Romanian in her 40s - had been killed just 650ft from where Sauer was attacked, with her badly disfigured remains found floating on a reef on the same day. Another Russian woman living in Hurghada has since claimed the Romanian woman had been missing from the five-star Premiere Le Reve hotel (bottom right) for two days before he remains were found, suggesting she may actually have been the first to die. News of her death only emerged on Sunday.

🤕😞😁 The surprised American is Emily from Miami, who is quizzed about life in Britain by her best friend, Kalyn Franke, who runs GirlGoneLondon.com, a resource about travelling to and moving to the UK.

🤕😞😁 EXCLUSIVE: Another recommendation made at the London-based conference to make GP practices more inclusive was getting GPs and staff to wear pronoun labels so patients feel at ease.

Protesters demanding cheaper petrol and diesel BLOCK M4 including crossing to Wales and M54 amid fury over soaring prices and calls for cut in fuel duty 

🤕😞😁 Motorists could face major disruption on Monday amid widespread protests at rising petrol and diesel costs and calls for a cut in fuel duty. Organisers (pictured left: A group of protesters are spoken to by police at the M62 Ferrybridge services, and bottom right, a protest sign) are expected to block the Prince of Wales Bridge crossing between England and Wales, according to police. Disruption is also expected on the M5 and the M4 today, while traffic on the M25 is slow (pictured top right) Essex Police said they are also aware of a planned protest and will work to 'minimise disruption to the public on the county's main roads'. Other major roads could also be affected, campaign group FairFuelUK said. The organisation is not involved in the action but founder Howard Cox said he is 'fully supportive' of the demonstrations so long as they are conducted legally.

🤕😞😁 A crashing irony of the row over pronouns at the mortgage lender is that it coincided with a reduction in the already tiny number of women at the head of elite UK companies.

🤕😞😁 Dr Max Pemberton says its disgraceful to think of demoting community health by making it a by-product of the postal service. He adds that the idea reveals care services have collapsed in the UK.

🤕😞😁 Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer (pictured) could have as little as two hours to prepare a resignation speech if he is fined over Beergate, it has been revealed.

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🤕😞😁 DAVID MELLOR: As Andrew Neil pointed out in the Mail on Saturday, the former PM is 'on manoeuvres', to mastermind a new centrist movement whose ultimate aim is to reverse Brexit.

Unhappy Fourth of July: WWII veteran celebrating 100th birthday breaks down in TEARS while discussing current state of America - saying 'our country is going to hell in a hand-basket'

🤕😞😁 Reminiscing about his time in the Marines, Tampa Bay veteran Carl Spurlin Dekel said that while fighting in the war was his biggest pride, slain soldiers had not died for the America of today. 'People don't realize what they have,' Dekel told Fox13. 'The things we did and the things we fought for and the boys that died for it, it's all gone down the drain. Our country going to hell in a hand-basket.' Dekel became inconsolable as he spoke about the contrasts between the America he grew up in and the current state of affairs in the country.

🤕😞😁 Keen cyclists have to contend with many hazards on the roads, but men may have more to worry about than keeping out of the way of traffic.

🤕😞😁 And actor Alan Fletcher, 65, who's played Dr Karl Kennedy in the show for 28 years, has revealed he found his final scene 'overwhelming' to film.

🤕😞😁 Last week, the banking giant ordered staff to wear badges bearing their 'preferred pronouns' to prevent the 'accidental misgendering' of trans staff.

🤕😞😁 NEW Prince Albert and Princess Charlene of Monaco shared a new portrait over the weekend to mark their 11th wedding anniversary. The couple, who share seven-year-old twins Jacques and Gabriella, tied the knot in a civil wedding on July 1, 2011. A religious ceremony was held the following day and a two-day national holiday was declared to mark the occasion. Last year, to mark their 10th anniversary, the couple shared a series of slickly-produced videos celebrating their relationship. This year it was a far more low-key affair, with Charlene, 44, and Albert, 64, sharing just a single photograph.

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🤕😞😁 The boat - a Higgins landing craft - was previously about 185 feet beneath the surface of the lake, but now rests halfway out of the water. Water levels in Lake Mead - the largest reservoir in the US, which is formed by the Hoover Dam River and sits about 24 miles from Las Vegas - have reached their lowest level since 1971. Levels have been declining for the past few years, as a result of the ongoing megadrought in the southwestern US, as well as increasing demand for water. In addition to the Higgins craft and a number of other shipwrecks, the skeletal remains of several bodies that some suspect to be victims of Las Vegas' notorious mob past have been found along the lakes new shorelines.

🤕😞😁 Strictly Come Dancing is set to waltz back to the iconic Blackpool Tower ballroom for the first time in three years.

🤕😞😁 The East LA native was mourned by the likes of Ice T, Omarion, Jermaine Dupri, Sheila E, and Toni Basil

🤕😞😁 Harry Wallop has discovered a new trend in the UK- dog ice-creams and sorbets. Last month, Aldi started selling pup-friendly ice creams as a 'special buy' and they sold out in just over a week.

🤕😞😁 Most of the money is owed to those who paid council tax in advance before moving house, with some owed to people who forgot to cancel payments or whose homes were re-banded.

🤕😞😁 Lisa Partington (pictured, left with family) has suffered with emetophobia since she was 24 years old. The virtual assistant, 36, from Peterborough says that her sickness fear is so severe she's scared of her own children. At its worst, her emetophobia has left Lisa unable to leave the house in case she picks up a vomiting bug. She revealed she has told her husband to take her children (right together) and start a new life without her illness.

🤕😞😁 DAILY MAIL COMMENT: For all his recent troubles - some self-inflicted - this paper unequivocally believes Boris Johnson is the right man to lead the party and the country.

🤕😞😁 CHRISTOPHER STEVENS: No one understands the real dangers of dissent more acutely than a rebel.

🤕😞😁 The Centre for Economics and Business Research said a deep recession would be a 'near certainty'.

🤕😞😁 A British man has been left shocked after moving from England to Australia and learning about a common act nearly every Aussie does.

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🤕😞😁 Alexandra Shulman says that white dresses represent summer. Her white dress is her most faithful holiday companion and has travelled everywhere from Ibiza to Rajasthan with her. She says that white dresses are an escape from utility and practicality and not to weigh them down. She adds that it is important to keep accessories light and opt for items such as Greek-style sandals.

🤕😞😁 Britain is spending millions of pounds a year on the human rights body whose judges grounded Priti Patel's Rwanda asylum flight.

🤕😞😁 An investigation into the death of a prisoner at HMP Styal has been launched. Inmate Eileen McDonagh died in custody at the all-female jail on July 2.

🤕😞😁 Prince Charles was facing questions about his charity after payments were found from a Tory donor who spent £1.7million bailing out the future king's failed eco-village project.

🤕😞😁 A nine-year-old boy is recovering in hospital after falling seven metres to the ground from a zipline.

🤕😞😁 Every week our Holiday Hero Neil Simpson takes an in-depth look at a brilliant holiday topic, doing all the legwork so you don't have to. This week: Last-minute walking holidays. Some are based in a single hotel, so you can unpack and follow carefully selected routes each day, while others move to different hotels through the week and your luggage is transported by taxi as you walk between them.

🤕😞😁 Down a quiet alleyway in Sydney's inner-west lies an unassuming terrace cottage that hides an incredible underground retreat with mirrored ceilings, leather walls and an uber-chic built-in bar.

🤕😞😁 Steph McGovern, 40, says the key motivator for her is authenticity. The presenter was a business reporter on BBC breakfast before fronting Steph's Packed Lunch.

🤕😞😁 At least six were killed and ten are still missing after shards of glacier ice careened down a mountain in the Italian Alps today. Dolomite summit Marmolada recorded a peak heat yesterday

🤕😞😁 British theatre and film director Peter Brook - whose influential and distinguished career saw him garner worldwide acclaim - has died at the age of 97.

🤕😞😁 Thousands online have been left scratching their heads after a talented baker asked fans to 'spot the cake' on a Kmart shelf among other products.  Tegan 'Tigga' Maccormack, from Melbourne, posted a now-viral video walking in front of a shelf full of travel coffee cups, mugs, tea infusers and plates. Most found it near impossible to identify the incredibly realistic cake - but Tegan revealed it was a pink and ivory travel mug on the second shelf. 

🤕😞😁 Campaigners say pubs that were once at the heart of the community are closing down, with many demolished or turned into flats.

🤕😞😁 Ministers say that this will give providers more flexibility in how they run their businesses while maintaining safety and quality of care.

🤕😞😁 ANDREW PIERCE: The CCTV system that did for Health Secretary Matt Hancock is still whirring away at his old department.

🤕😞😁 Girlguiding chiefs have been accused of promoting 'woke claptrap' after advising leaders to learn almost 100 terms linked to gender and sexual identity.

🤕😞😁 BRIAN VINER: Puffing along in the slipstream of Top Gun: Maverick comes another sequel made decades after the original, indeed in this case the gap is even wider. The Railway Children, which had a welcome one-day re-release yesterday, dates from 1970. Those of you who regard Lionel Jeffries' timeless classic with unalloyed affection, as I do, will no doubt approach The Railway Children Return with caution.

🤕😞😁 The UK's second biggest grocer is facing calls to pay the independently set living wage for all staff and contracted workers.

🤕😞😁 The asset management arm of Swiss investment bank UBS has linked up with property developer Reef Group to create a joint venture.

🤕😞😁 Vets say leaving the heating on is usually unnecessary, as most healthy pets have enough fur to keep them warm, and air conditioning is generally not needed by pets either.

Australian police frantically search for two people who set a police car alight - as they fear one is suffering severe burns after the explosion set THEM on fire too

🤕😞😁 The moment two brazen arsonists set fire to a police car in a suburban carpark has been captured on video, as cops offer $25,000 to anyone who can help find them. The marked patrol car was parked in the forecourt of a vehicle dealership in Mandurah, south of Perth, on Friday when two people approached on foot about 4.30am. The pair then poured accelerant from a jerry can over the hood of the car and set it alight with a blowtorch - with the flames exploding in a fireball and setting alight the shirt of one of the pair as they both flee. 

🤕😞😁 One of The Guardian's US reporters, Julia Carrie Wong, tweeted how she believes people who question 'trans ideology' are facists. Wong was promptly taken to task by fellow Twitter users.

🤕😞😁 Labour has struggled with reconciling women's and trans rights, with Sir Keir Starmer and his frontbenchers unable to define what a woman is.

🤕😞😁 Ministers were told to 'buck up and deliver' on gambling reform after a Daily Mail audit revealed the devastating toll of betting addiction (36 victims pictured).

🤕😞😁 Hannah Betts explains that it is possible to use different lip treatments to fake a natural look this summer. UK-based expert adds that beauty fans can also use more natural nail products.

🤕😞😁 EXCLUSIVE: Sian Jones, 57, was raised by her adoptive parents on the island of Guernsey, and had been trying to find her mother for 20 years when she appeared on tonight's Long Lost Family. Her mother, Sylvia Humphreys (inset), gave Sian up for adoption in Clynnog-Fawr, when she was 16. Because she was so young, her family did not think Sylvia could cope with raising a child, and pressured her to give her baby away. Sian said her adoptive mother (left) was not very affectionate and she's been searching her whole life for a caring family. Right: She was reunited with her brother Stewart and sister Sharon on the show.

🤕😞😁 At least 209 flights have been canceled by just 10am, and 938 are already delayed, according to FlightAware. Yesterday, 654 US flights were called off and 5,860 were delayed

🤕😞😁 Rowing fans made their way to Henley in OXfordshire to watch the final day of the Royal Regatta. Onlookers looked dapper in stylish and classic apparel. While the rowers were hard at work on the Thames, glamorous revellers were busy flexing their fashion muscles on Henley's Royal Regatta flexed their fashion muscles on the banks.

🤕😞😁 More than 13,000 users complained of errors around 3am EST Friday. The overwhelming influx of viewers pushed Netflix beyond its capacity, causing tech issues across the entire platform.

🤕😞😁 Mickey will become available for the public domain in 2024, following U.S. copyright laws that state intellectual property on artistic work expires at the 95-year mark.

🤕😞😁 Rupert Murdoch (pictured) was snapped at his granddaughter Charlotte Freud's wedding to Luke Storey (both pictured) this weekend. The billionaire media tycoon, 91, who donned a white suit for the Cotswold event, was just one of the prolific guests celebrating the couple as they tied the knot. Despite Murdoch's fourth divorce current being underway, after his estranged wife Jerry Hall filed divorce papers in an LA court on Friday, he was seen mingling with other attendees. Some 70 guests celebrated Charlotte's marriage to rapper Luke Storey, including the bride's mother business woman Elisabeth Murdoch and her partner, artist Keith Tyson (both pictured).



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🤕😞😁 Iconic actors Al Pacino and Sylvester Stallone enjoyed a few slices of pizza as they met up Saturday at a restaurant in Beverly Hills, California. Pacino, 82, donned a black coat with blue-tinted sunglasses and sported a goatee on the summer day alongside Stallone, 75. The screen legend of films such as Scarface, The Godfather series and Dog Day Afternoon sat alongside Stallone, who was clad in a black button-up collared shirt on the daytime outing in Southern California.

🤕😞😁 Nigel Colborn says that many lawns became wildflower meadows in the No Mow campaign. In the UK-based garden expert's village, front lawns were full of daisies, buttercups, clover and violets.

🤕😞😁 Liz Hemmings picked out a selection of the best table runners. Top picks include Kitiri Studio and Connox.

Wacky races! Thousands descend on London's Alexandra Palace to watch amateur racers go head to head the first Red Bull SOAPBOX Race in the UK since the Covid pandemic

🤕😞😁 Amateur racers from around the world have donned wacky costumes to take part in Red Bull's Soapbox Race. Thousands of spectators descended on Alexandra Palace in London on Sunday to witness the annual event. Around 70 teams of amateur drivers and crews were tasked with creating homemade non-motorised soapboxes to race on the steep downhill course.