Remove dull skin and blemishes plus boost radiance in ONE WEEK: the new FaceGym Skin Changer toner has transformative results in trials - and you can try it 24 hours before launch

  • With 2 percent Succinic acid, the toner helps to exfoliate, decrease blemishes, regulate sebum production and reduce pore size
  • Other key ingredients include upcycled pumpkin extract to remove waste from skin cells and quince leaf extract to reduce imperfections and smoothen skin
  • 88 percent of users in trials report brighter and clearer skin within ONE WEEK¬†
  • DailyMail readers can try it 24 hours before the launch and get free shipping with our unique code DMSHIP



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It's not always easy to find a gentle toner that is kind and hydrating to the face while still clearing it of breakouts and removing dry skin.

But celebrity-approved skincare brand FaceGym have developed a gentle essence toner that uses the power of Succinic acid to visibly improve skin without stripping it and it's appropriately called Skin Changer.

FaceGym Skin Changer Essence-Toner 

The FaceGym essence toner delivers the transforming-skin, brightening and pore refining benefits of a toner with the hydrating properties of an essence.

The 2 percent Succinic acid will minimize pore size while Upcycled Pumpkin Extract clears dirt from cells to refresh your glow. 


Glow up: The FaceGym Essence Toner works to reduce pore size, remove dirt and toxins from skin and brighten dullness without harming the skin barrier

To have a look at the ingredients and claims of the brand new two-in-one toner 24 hours before it launches to the general public, simply visit this FaceGym website page. Daily Mail readers can also enjoy free delivery on the product with the exclusive code DMSHIP.

Within seven days of use in clinical trials, 88 percent of users reported skin looked brighter and more glowing and 86 percent said skin looked and felt smoother. After 28 days of use, these changed to 90 percent for both and more than three quarters of people said that spots and blemishes also improved.

The before and after transformation photos following use of FaceGym's $48 toner are impressive, with people showing off visible spot-clearing and radiance-boosting results.

After just seven days of use, a user reported an increase in brightness and skin tone as well as smaller pores

Within 28 days the results of using FaceGym Skin Changer Essence-Toner are even more impressive with a reduction in pigmentation, blemishes and overall clearer skin

Powered by a potent complex of exfoliating two percent succinic acid, pore-reducing quince leaf extract and rejuvenating upcycled pumpkin extract, Skin Changer offers skin-transforming results as the complex works to treat congested skin, blemishes, dullness and dehydration without damaging the skin barrier.

While the Succinic acid works as an exfoliator to reduce pore size and regulate oil production, upcycled pumpkin extract works as an active to move through cells and remove waste to reduce redness, improve skin moisture levels and firmness. 

But as FaceGym's Skin Changer is essentially an essence and toner hybrid, it's more hydrating than a regular acid-based toner and this can provide stronger, long-term benefits such as firming with regular use.

Using FaceGym Skin Changer requires minimal effort and takes less than a minute. All you need is a few drops and some  reusable cotton pads

It takes less than a minute to apply and FaceGym recommend squeezing a few drops of Skin Changer on to a reusable cotton pad and starting at the neck, then working your way up the face sweeping outwards towards the lymph glands at the bottom of the ears as you clean. It's advisable to spend additional time working on areas such as the chin and nose which tend to hold more congestion. 

This is the 10th skincare product launched by FaceGym, whose facial sculpting workouts have been used as vital red carpet preparation by celebrities including Lizzo and Selena Gomez.

FaceGym's Skin Changer launch means the brand now has 10 skincare products to cleanse, tone and moisturize skin as well as facial sculpting tools and in-studio workouts

FaceGym founder Inge Theron explains: 'With this 2-in-1 formulation we have combined exactly what your skin needs - the exfoliating power of a toner and the hydrating benefits of an essence to bring you a formula that re-texturizes, rebalances and resets your skin to bring it back to its optimal state.'

Make sure to use this LINK to shop FaceGym's Skin Changer today, before it goes live to the general public. 


FaceGym unveil new Skin Changer toner to improves skin in 7 days and DailyMail readers can shop now

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