Save a fortune on salon visits! This $11.99 eyebrow waxing pen makes it super simple to define and sculpt brows at home with zero mess



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Do your eyebrows have a mind of their own when it comes to hair growth? Whether you find that you have unruly regrowth in between salon visits or you want a more defined look to frame your face, you might be interested to hear that taking control of your brows is now as simple as using a pen.

The Parissa eyebrow waxing pen is a 'must-have' product in your home beauty treatment kit, according to hundreds of impressed shoppers who praise how simple it is to use.

There's no need to have any prior waxing experience as the Parissa pen allows you to draw on the wax for a super precise application.

Parissa Brow Waxing Pen 

Just one use of the brow pen is cheaper than a salon wax and you'll get at least 10 uses from the 4ml pen.

Use the precision tip to tackle stubborn hairs and curves with zero mess and maximum accuracy.

Vegan and fragrance-free, it comes with a free 5ml bottle of soothing lotion to make skin softer and soothed after each use.

$11.99 Shop

The Parissa eyebrow wax pen can be used like a regular pen to apply a thin laAyer of wax. It glides on easily and then just pull it off for clean, defined brows

The precision tip means you can fit it around curves to shape your eyebrows exactly the way you want them.

And the salon quality formula is powerful enough to remove short or stubborn hair, with some shoppers saying the great value $11.99 pen works better than professional waxing treatments in the salon.

'My eyebrows were perfectly shaped after using this pen,' praised one reviewer who gave it a full five stars. It is very easy to use. No irritation at all. Results are just like professional waxing, if not better.'

Another added: 'I love my brow waxing pen. I had brows that was wild. Some were longer thicker than other ones. I used the pen and now I have eyebrows that has a great shape to them.'

Fuss-free waxing: hold the parissa brow pen like a regular pen and squeeze gently to apply. It comes out slowly making it easy to apply a thin layer of wax

If you need any guidance, the Parissa website has four step by step videos detailing the preparation, application, removal and aftercare.

 For best results, it's recommended to use the Ultra Soothe Oil after use. A free 5ml bottle is included with the pen, but you can also purchase an 80ml bottle for $14.99 and use it after shaving, epilation or other waxing treatments.

The Parissa ultra soothe oil is a refreshing blend of chamomile to calm, peppermint to cool, eucalyptus to cleanse, and seaberry to repair

The Ultra Soothe Oil is a refreshing blend of chamomile to calm, peppermint to cool, eucalyptus to cleanse, and seaberry to repair. 

Looking for wax to tackle larger areas? We've rounded up some other Parissa waxing products that work wonders on underarm, leg and bikini line hair below.

Bikini And Underarm Wax Strips 

Perfect for beginners, the box contains 36 pre-made strips of three different sizes.

 Rub the strip to soften the wax, apply to your body in the direction of hair growth and pull off.

Use the thin strip for the area right along the bikini line, use the larger strip for the inner thighs, and use the medium strip for touchs up.

$14.99 Shop
Organic Sugar Wax 

Sugar Wax lifts unwanted hair at the root and easily washes off with water. 

Simply warm the wax and smooth it on. Apply an epilation strip and zip off for instant results that last for weeks. 

This hypoallergenic wax is gentle and made with USDA certified organic ingredients 

$19.99 Shop
Legs And Body Wax Strips 

These make home waxing simple and stress-free.

 Simply warm the wax strips between your hands. Smooth on and zip off for results that last for weeks.

Strips are 100% biodegradable and fragrance-free. 

For post-wax pampering, the box includes Parissa Ultra Soothe Oil, a blend of natural botanicals to cleanse and calm skin. 

$14.99 Shop

The Parissa $11.99 eyebrow waxing pen makes it super simple to define and sculpt brows at home

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