'Soothes my skin and calms my mind!' Shoppers say this $20 Madagascar vanilla body oil nourishes skin better than leading brands and smells divine all day - and it's now reduced by 15%



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If you want noticeably softer, smoother skin you may want to think about incorporating vanilla oil into your body routine.

The Nativa SPA Madagascar vanilla soothing body oil combines the nourishing, anti-oxidant benefits of vanilla oil with the richly hydrating benefits of quinoa oil for a luxurious at-home post-bathing treatment.

 After using this warm and comforting oil, shoppers say they feel refreshed in body and mind plus their skin feels 'silky smooth' and it's now reduced by 15 per cent to $19.55 if you use the code WHOLECARE at checkout. The code is valid on all products at Nativa SPA, across moisturizers, oils, hand cream and even gift sets.

Nativa SPA Madagascar Vanilla Body Oil 

This anti-oxidant rich vanilla body oil feels like 'heaven' for body and mind according to satisfied shoppers.  

The gentle blend of white flowers freshens the sweetness, nourishing and calming the skin and your whole self.

Use code WHOLECARE for 15% off site-wide 


$19.55 (was $23) Shop

Rich, nourishing and in a stylish bottle, the Nativa SPA Madagascar vanilla oil appears more expensive than $18.40

Rich in anti-oxidants, vanilla oil renews and comforts the skin, restoring it's natural shine and soft texture.

Where the Nativa SPA oil stands out from other vanilla body oils is the inclusion of quinoa oil, which is a superior source of protein, antioxidants, and omegas that also feeds your skin with every softening touch.

'This product is incredible,' praised one contented customer. 'It keeps my skin soft all day long and the scent lingers too so I feel super fresh.'

Another added: 'This is the best moisturizing oil ever. Plus the scent is really strong so a little goes a long way.'

Triple the vanilla benefits with a three-step skincare set that combines vanilla oil and quinoa oil for moisturizing and hydrating effects

And for the ultimate act of self-care or as a special gift to a loved one, you can combine the oil with a scrub and a soothing body ritual to triple the benefits of the vanilla oil.

Adding a scrub to the pampering process will always intensify results as by gently scrubbing your skin, you make way for the oil or lotion to pass through and hydrate the skin deeply.

If you buy the scrub as part of the Soothing Vanilla Ritual set  - which is reduced by 20% - you'll receive a free golden spoon so you can measure the perfect amount of scrub for your body plus furnish your bathroom with a stylish display piece.

Now less than $50, the Nativa SPA ultra moisturizing shea ritual set will soothe your skin from top to toe as you sleep

Looking for a nourishing body treatment that can be left on overnight as you sleep? Nativa SPA's Ultra-Moisturizing Shea Ritual Set is perfect for that.

Now less than $50, the set contains a moisturizer, hand cream and body butter that blend nutrient-rich Shea butter and 100 per cent pure Quinoa oil.

It also comes with a golden spoon to help you apply the perfect amount to your skin to even it's tone and soften it's texture as you rest. 


The Nativia Spa Madagascar vanilla body oil nourishes skin and smells divine and is reduced by 20%

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