What does Mercury in Retrograde have in store for YOU? Thousands of Americans are turning to this bespoke astrology app to guide them through it - and a 7-day trial costs just $1



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Over the next coming weeks, you may find yourselves losing personal belongings, arguing with those closest to you and messing up at work due to a planetary phenomenon known as Mercury Retrograde.

Chaos when the planets hit a strange alignment is experienced by millions around the globe, but it may make life easier if you knew exactly what to expect.

The number one Astrology app Hint matches you up to a personal astrologer who can give you readings and answer questions about what's in store 24 hours a day. 

Hint app
Hint provides hyper personalized astrology guidance.

Every user is matched to their personal human astrologer and can ask for guidance any day, any time, to receive answers to their questions. Last year alone, this 1-1 guidance amassed 589k active conversations with the app personal coaches.

Try it and ask as many questions as you wish for just $1.

$1.00 for 7 day-trialShop

Feeling out of sorts? Use Hint to receive guidance about your experiences of Mercury in Retrograde so you know how best to react to situations

And new users can try the app for just $1 for seven days, just before the next Mercury Retrograde on May 10. If you discover that you can't be without it when the trial is done, DailyMail.com readers can save 30 percent on the subscription using the code Hint22. 

You may find that Hint is surprisingly accurate in its specifics, beating other astrology services that only provide generic predictions. This is because Hint uses NASA data to compare the position of the planets to the exact time, date, and place of your birth to produce the blueprint of your astrological identity.

The unique thing about Hint is that you'll be matched with a personal astrology coach, and you can ask for as much guidance as you need

In 2021, more than 589,000 turned to the app for conversations with their private astrology coaches and Mercury Retrograde is Hint's busiest time of year.

At the time of year when speedy Mercury overtakes Earth and appears to be moving from West to East, everything can feel a little out of alignment.

But if you need advice on relationships, your career or anything else that’s on your mind during this time, then you can use the app to reach out to your own professional astrologer who can guide you before making any rash decisions. This is all included in the $1 trial.

They might advise that what just happened was a one-off, helping you avoid making things worse by firing off an angry reply, or they might advise to wait until Retrograde is over before making life-changing decisions.

Hint also provide relationship advice based on your unique astrological blueprint so you know who you're compatible with in friendships and relationships

Whatever they suggest will be based on scientific knowledge about the alignment of the planets and how that affects your own astrological blueprint.

And you can find hundreds of five star reviews on Trustpilot as well as in your smart phone's app store.

'This application really enabled me to discover my natural strengths and attributes,' praised one impressed fan. 'My a personal astrologist has guided me in understanding the potency of my zodiac sign and letting me know what's in store.'

Head over to the Hint website to find out more and to be prepared for all eventualities, make sure to sign up for the trial before Mercury Retrograde on May 10. 


The Hint app can guide you through Mercury in Retrograde with astrology predictions - try for $1

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