Want to exfoliate AND moisturize? Shoppers say this body scrub removes dead skin cells and improves cellulite without stripping the skin ‚Äď and it‚Äôs now reduced by 60% to $5.99



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One of the simplest ways to make your skin smoother and fresher as well as to keep cellulite at bay is to invest in a top quality exfoliating scrub that can help you feel your polished best.

But now that investment is less than ever before as the popular Brown Sugar Body Oil Scrub by Queen Botany is reduced to $5.99 for a limited time- that’s a saving of 60 per cent.

Unlike other scrubs that can dry out the skin, the brown sugar crystals in the Queen Botany scrub helps prevent loss of moisture while cleaning away dead skin.

Queens Botany Brown Sugar Scrub 

It's not often that a 10oz scrub is reduced by 60 percent to just $5.99, let alone one that actually works.

The Queens Botany scrub works in two ways to remove dead skin cells while hydrating the cells under the surface.

Skin looks softer and has more of a glow and hydrated skin reduces the visibility of stretchmarks and cellulite.  

$5.99 Shop

Almond oil and jojoba seed oil are also added for their moisturizing properties, which has the added bonus of making the scrub smell super fresh. Every time you unscrew the lid, you’ll be hit by a wave of deliciously fragrant aroma, and you can tell that only real ingredients and natural plant oils are included in the nourishing formula.

Keeping skin hydrated is an essential part of improving the appearance of cellulite as dry skin is less supple and makes cellulite appear more noticeable.

Thousands of Amazon shoppers have rated the Queens Botany scrub a full five-stars, saying it out-performs more expensive scrubs for it’s ability to reduce the appearance of cellulite as well as make skin look more youthful and reduce the visibility of scar tissue.

‚ÄėThis scrub is confidence-boosting and invigorating,‚Äô praised one delighted shopper. ‚ÄėI use it twice a week in the shower and it has really helped razor bumps and ingrown hairs. It also helps the tone of my skin look more even it also seems to lessen the appearance of some of my deeper stretch marks and cellulite.‚Äô

Scrub up well: Using the Queens Botany brown sugar scrub just twice a week in the bath or shower will remove dead skin cells and improve skin's tone - and it's just $5.99

Another added: ‚ÄėOut of all the body scrub I have ever brought this the first one that does a 2 for 1. It removes dead skin, lightens my skin and moisturize when I get out the tub. My skin is so soft, smooth and glows. I use it with a scrubber brush for cellulite and it works wonders.‚Äô

As the scrub is so gentle, it can also be used on the face, where it can help even out skin tone by reducing redness and blotchiness.

Being able to use it all over makes the brown sugar scrub’s current $5.99 price point even better value for money, plus saving you time in your skincare routine as you can use it on face and body in the shower to exfoliate from head to toe.

Tired, irritated skin? Try the Queens Botany Lavender scrub that can help calm skin, reduce redness and even help improve acne symptoms

Looking for an exfoliator that can help with acne and soothe skin? Queen Botany has developed a Lavender Oil Scrub for that, which is also currently reduced by 60 per cent.

If you have a specific skin concern, you may be interested in the following scrubs to give you back your glow.

Queens Botany Green Tea Matcha Scrub 

Prevention is better than cure and the green tea matcha scrub is designed to protect your body and skin from the damaging free radicals that we encounter every day.

Protected skin is nourished and glowing and won't age as fast.

In addition to this, Vitamin B2 found in green tea and firm and tighten the skin. 


$5.99 Shop
Queens Botany Coconut Milk Scrub 

The Queens Botany coconut milk scrub is another product that's gentle enough to use on your face as well as your body.

The coconut milk hydrates the skin, reducing the visibility of wrinkles and sagging skin as well as pigmentation.

It's also infused with vegetable collagen to give you a real youthful glow. 

$5.99 Shop
Queens Botany Greek Yogurt Body Scrub 

The yogurt scrub contains the hero ingredient of mango butter, which is rich in vitamins and minerals.

It's especially powerful in fighting the signs of ageing, helping your body boost its collagen levels.

Made from natural ingredients, it smells delicious. 

$5.99 Shop

Amazon has reduced the Queens Botany brown sugar body scrub by 60% to $5.99 to exfoliate and buff

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