Want to make your cats and dogs happier? Create a feeding routine for your pets with these smart $65.99 feeding dispensers that can be programmed with your voice



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When it comes to feeding pets, routine is key so that your furry friend feels secure and satisfied.

And now you can do that with less stress thanks to the Petlibro Granary feeding dispensers.

Allowing you more freedom in life and no need to always rush back to serve up their meals, the dispensers release set portions of food at a pre-programmed time.

Petlibro Granary Feeding Dispenser 

Release food at set intervals for your pet with this automatic feeding device.

Pet owners love the sleek design, which is available in white or black.

They also appreciate the lack of smell as every part of the feeder from storage to dispensing is sealed to prevent loss of moisture. Not only does this ensure deliciousness, but it also keeps your pet food safe from pests, bacteria and mold. 

$65.99 Shop

Hungry pets? Allow them to feed at night without having to wake up to feed them with the Petlibro automatic feeder

Choose from a standard model that releases one at a pre-programmed time or a WiFi compatible Granary feeder, which allows you to dispense food via an app on your smart phone.

The WiFi connected pet feeder could be useful if you have a pet camera in your home and see that your animals are getting restless. At the touch of a button you can give them some food to calm them down and send a personalized message.

The unique feature about the Petlibro appliances is that you can program your voice into the appliance and record a message that will signal food is being served, reminding your pets that you’re there for them and calming them down.

The Petlibro feeder allows you to record a 10 second message to call your cats or dogs over for their food. There are single bowl and double bowl options available

This is especially useful if you’re planning on a vacation without contact with cats for several days and a feature not found on models that are more expensive.

‚ÄėThis has been a lifesaver,‚Äô praised one of the reviewers who rated it a full five stars, ‚ÄėI work irregular hours throughout the week with no set schedule, and this has been an amazing upgrade for both me and my cat now that I don‚Äôt have to worry about her feeding routine. The feeder was super easy to program, and it‚Äôs easy to make changes as well.‚Äô

You can control their calorie and nutritional intake by releasing the perfect portion sizes at regular intervals and your pet will love the routine of knowing when they’re going to eat, which will make them more content as they realize they’re being looked after.

The Wi-Fi enabled Petlibro feeder allows you to remotely feed your pet anytime from anywhere and you can customize the portion sizes to suit their nutritional needs

The three liter appliance can hold enough around 12 cups of food and every part of the feeder from storage to dispensing is sealed to prevent loss of moisture and keep food perfectly fresh and safe from bacteria and mold.

Worried about your cats or dogs trying to knock it over as they know food’s inside? Rest assured that there’s no danger of spillages while you’re out thanks to infrared sensors within that automatically stops the feeder when an obstruction is detected.

Petlibro specialize in solutions that make owning pets less hassle, with another popular product being a pet water fountain.

Give your cat access to fresh water 24 hours a day, even when you're away, with a pet water fountain that emulates a bubbling spring. With a capacity of 2.2 L, which lasts about a month for most cats and dogs, you have the freedom to be away without worrying about your pet's hydration.

Forget leaving bowls of water out all day, which quickly get stale and harbor bacteria. The $39.99 water fountain is self-cleaning so your pet will have access to fresh water all day long.

It emulates a gentle bubbling spring with moving water and bubbles to let your cats and dogs know the water is safe and fresh and can provide water for a month without needing to be changed.

That means fewer smells in your home, fewer stomach bugs for your pets and a much more enjoyable life for both of you.


Petlibro has developed automatic cat and dog feeding dispensers and prices start at $65.99

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