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'It's meaningless to hope for victory': Top Russian ex-spy turned influencer warns Putin's offensive in Eastern Ukraine is going 'very bad', troops will suffer 'huge losses' while their leadership leaves 'much to be desired'

🤢😞🤒 Igor Girkin, an ex-FSB agent who led fighting in Donbas in 2014, says there is no path to victory for Russia's forces currently fighting in the region, who are incurring 'huge' losses for little gain. Even if Putin's generals can seize the entire region in the coming weeks - something that Girkin doubts - then their bloodied and battered units will be left defending a frontline hundreds of miles long against newly mobilised Ukrainian troops armed with western weapons spoiling to go on the counter-attack. Those attacks could force the Russians to retreat, perhaps all the way to their own borders - as happened in Kyiv and Kharkiv. Even if counter-attacks don't come, Girkin says, Moscow will have to finance a long and bloody war of attrition while its economy flatlines under sanctions. It is perhaps the most-damning account of Putin's prospects yet to come out of Russia, albeit from a man who has been highly critical of the president in the past. And it tallies with Ukrainian intelligence which predicts a long and heavy summer of fighting, before counter-attacks in the autumn.

🤢😞🤒 The official reason given for Finland's cold shoulder treatment is its refusal to pay Gazprom in roubles, as Russia has requested 'unfriendly' European countries to do.

🤢😞🤒 Yesterday Spain's tourism minister made the unexpected announcement of an imminent change to the current rules for all holidaymakers from outside the EU.

🤢😞🤒 Washington is working on a plan to send Harpoon or Naval Strike Missiles with ranges up to 345 miles to Ukraine to try and force Russian warships away from shore, allowing grain exports to resume.

🤢😞🤒 'I believe that (Vadim) Shishimarin is not guilty of the crime that he is accused of. I ask you to acquit my client,' lawyer Viktor Ovsyannikov told the court. 'His actions were aimed at saving lives'

🤢😞🤒 Dmitry Rogozin showed school children videos of multiple Russian strategic rockets and outlined the capability of the Sarmat, also known as Satan-2, capable of striking targets at 15,880mph.

🤢😞🤒 Mikhail Khodaryonok, a former air defence commander, took to the stage yesterday where boasted about the strength of Russia's military, contradicting statements he made just days ago

Fury as Russian model who wore Putin swimsuit is allowed on the Cannes red carpet after backing the Ukraine war and cutting up her Chanel bags in protest at Western sanctions 

🤢😞🤒 Victoria Bonya, 42, posted pictures snapped of her attending the world-renowned Cannes Film Festival, despite organisers restricting access to Russians with Kremlin links. A video from Variety shows the arrival of the model, businesswoman and influencer. Bonya - who lives in Monaco - has previously happily posed in a Putin swimsuit and T-shirts (right). In one protest against the West's reaction to the war, she joined other Russian socialites in posting footage cutting up their Chanel accessories (inset). She said last month: 'I have to say if Chanel House does not respect its clients, [why] do we have to respect Chanel? Bye bye.' Her presence at Cannes coincided with the premiere of Mariupolis 2 - a documentary film about life in the bombarded city under Russian occupation, whose director was killed weeks ago.

Dead men walking: Chilling new footage shows Russian troops leading Ukrainians away to be executed in latest evidence of Bucha war crimes 

🤢😞🤒 Newly-uncovered CCTV taken near Yablunska Street, in the Ukrainian city of Bucha, shows two Russian paratroopers leading nine Ukrainian men down the road to an office building where they were later found shot dead - some with their hands tied behind their back - in an execution that likely constitutes a war crime. Investigators from the New York Times discovered the men were volunteers for a Ukrainian territorial defence unit who were found hiding in a basement in the city and surrendered before being interrogated, tortured and then shot. A month after the CCTV was filmed Ukrainian troops recaptured the city as Russia retreated - leaving behind the bodies of the men piled into a courtyard outside an office block. The Times has identified the Russian units mostly likely to be responsible for the executions - the 104th and 234th Airborne Assault Regiments - opening up the possibility of prosecuting the soldiers and their commanders. Executing surrendered soldiers is a war crime, under international law.

🤢😞🤒 Police confirmed that one of the victims was the attacker's estranged wife, who took out a restraining order against him in December following an investigation of domestic violence.

🤢😞🤒 In his latest video address on Thursday night, the Ukrainian leader said the Kremlin had intensified its offensive following the withdrawal of its troops from Kharkiv.

🤢😞🤒 Maria Vorontsova, 37, the president's eldest daughter from his first marriage, was running the social media account called 'Maria V' defending Putin according to reports.

🤢😞🤒 ROSS CLARK: Last month,the Biometrics and Surveillance Camera Commissioner, wrote to Michael Gove to warn him about the dominance of Chinese CCTV equipment in Britain.

🤢😞🤒 Media tycoon Berlusconi, 85, who was premier three times and known for friendships with Vladimir Putin and Muammar Gaddafi, was said to have had sex with a teenage Moroccan belly dancer

🤢😞🤒 Italian anchor-woman Dania Mondini complained about her colleague's flatulence in 2018, and asked to be moved away from him. This sparked a four-year legal battle.

🤢😞🤒 Sara Graves (left), a university lecturer and academic researcher, was trampled by a rogue bull elephant and has said she was not warned by the operator that the beast was in her Tanzania safari camp in March 2019. Ms Graves, 36, who paid around £4,400 for the seven-night luxury safari holiday - which included staying in tented camps boasting leather sofas and chandeliers - says she was chased and trampled within the confines of the mobile bush camp just after leaving her tent.