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😠😷🙁 This is the moment Texas senator Ted Cruz stormed out of an interview after being asked why school mass shootings 'only happen in America' during a vigil for victims of the Robb Elementary School massacre.  Cruz had joined Texas Governor Greg Abbott to be with hundreds of tearful relatives and friends mourning loved ones killed in the shooting, which is the worst school massacre since Sandy Hook in 2012. Nineteen children and two of their teachers at Robb Elementary School, Uvalde, Texas, were murdered on Tuesday by 18-year-old Salvador Ramos using two AR-15-style rifles. Ramos had bought the guns and 375 rounds of 5.56mm ammunition legally a week before, just days after his 18th birthday. When asked why American exceptionalism is 'so awful', Cruz said: 'You know, I'm sorry you think American exceptionalism is awful. You've got your political agenda. God love you.' After repeatedly being asked 'You can't answer that' by the British journalist, Cruz turned and said: 'Why is it that people come from all over the world to America? Because it's the freest, most prosperous, safest country on Earth. And stop being a propagandist.' The Texas senator then stormed out of the interview at the vigil being held by relatives and friends of those killed in the massacre on Tuesday.

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😠😷🙁 Rishi Sunak is announcing a new package of help for struggling families after watchdogs warned that the Ukraine crisis means energy costs are set to soar again this Autumn - by more than 40 per cent. The move comes after the government performed an extraordinary U-turn on imposing a windfall tax on the surging profits of oil and gas firms, following weeks of wrangling in Cabinet. Ministers are also eager to move on from the Partygate scandal, after Sue Gray's report demanded Boris Johnson took responsibility for his staff boozing, vomiting and fighting in Downing Street when the rest of the country was under brutal lockdown restrictions. The proceeds will be used to turn the existing £200 per household state loan for energy bills - due to be paid back over the next four years - into a permanent grant. The value could also be doubled in a bid to take the edge off the misery of spiking inflation for 27million homes. Billions of pounds of assistance could also be targeted at the most vulnerable in society, with a major increase in the Warm Home Discount Scheme being mooted. That is currently worth £150 to three million low-income households, but could be hiked to £500.

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😠😷🙁 The 19-month-old boy was pulled out of the water unconscious yesterday afternoon around 6.15pm in the popular Spanish tourist resort.

😠😷🙁 Martin Reynolds, the Prime Minister's former Principal Private Secretary, is lined up to become Britain's new ambassador to Saudi Arabia.

😠😷🙁 A gang of machete-wielding thugs have been found guilty of killing a dad-of-five - nicknamed 'Del Boy' after stripping him and savagely beating him to death.

😠😷🙁 Enthusiastic Brits are getting ready to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee despite it still being a week away. More than 10 million people are expected to attend street parties and events.

😠😷🙁 Richard Bacon, who has held the safe seat of South Norfolk since 2001, tried to justify boozy lockdown-busting parties in Downing Street by suggesting NHS workers also broke Covid laws during the pandemic.

😠😷🙁 The LA-based couple will honour the monarch's seven decades on the throne at the special service on Friday, June 3, alongside Her Majesty's children, grandchildren and her older great-grandchildren. Prince Andrew will also make a rare public appearance for the first time since his father Prince Philip's memorial service in March, The Telegraph reports , where he was brought in from the cold to support his mother as she walked in and out of Westminster Abbey. He is said to be visiting his mother daily at Windsor since he settled the multi-million dollar case brought against him by Virginia Roberts Giuffre, one of paedophile Jeffrey Epstein's sex slaves. But the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and the Duke of York will not be joining other royals on the Buckingham Palace balcony at the Trooping the Colour that kicks off the Queen's platinum jubilee celebrations next Thursday. Only senior serving royals such as Prince Charles, Princess Anne, Prince Edward and Prince William are invited. 24 hours later the eyes of the world will be on the Sussexes at St Paul's, because it will be the first time the couple will be surrounded by such a large number of royals since their wedding at St George's Windsor in 2018. Harry has hardly seen his father and brother since they emigrated to California, and Meghan has not seen them at all, as a feud has strained their relationships. Since quitting as frontline royals, they have used Oprah and US TV news stations to fire transatlantic potshots at the Royal Family, including claims one senior member was racist and that Buckingham Palace aides ignored Meghan when she was suicidal while pregnant. Harry also accused Prince Charles of cutting him off financially and royal experts claim he 'can't stand' his wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall. The Queen's presence is expected but a decision may be left to the 11th hour due to her ongoing mobility issues.

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😠😷🙁 The Premier League striker got down on one knee for long-time girlfriend Lucia Loi yesterday, less than a week after United ended their season in defeat to Crystal Palace.

😠😷🙁 Michael Fuller said he was harassed, victimised and discriminated against BY area manager Hazel Roberts because he was a man in a predominantly female workforce.

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Ricky Gervais hits back at critics over 'transphobic' Netflix routine - insisting most people only get offended when they 'mistake the subject' of his gags 

😠😷🙁 Ricky Gervais's jokes were described as 'dangerous' material by an American LGBT rights group, while Stonewall accused him of 'making fun of trans people' in his new 'SuperNature' Netflix special. The comic, 60, who has been embroiled in controversy throughout his career, wastes no time singling out the 'virtue-signalling' and 'dominant mobs' who are quick to criticise just to 'bring people down to raise their own status'. But his jokes were later described as 'dangerous' material by an American LGBT rights group, while Stonewall accused him of 'making fun of trans people'. In response, Gervais told The Spectator: 'My target wasn't trans folk, but trans activist ideology. I've always confronted dogma that oppresses people and limits freedom of expression.'

😠😷🙁 Gina Bryce, a horse racing presenter on Radio 5 Live, promoted Bee Smith Millinery and Jane Lewis Atelier in a tweet about the corporation's coverage of the famous race.

😠😷🙁 Susan Leigh, 63, had taken her nine-month-old Poodle, Rupert, along the Walkden to Little Hulton Loop Line in Salford when the pooch was allegedly knocked down.

😠😷🙁 The Archbishop of Canterbury (pictured) waded into the Partygate row by saying 'we need to rediscover' good standards in public life.

😠😷🙁 Tarjit Singh, 32 (left), who was born a biological female named Hannah Walters, assaulted the victims between June 2010 and March 2016. Singh would keep clothing on and have sex with the women with the strap-on phallus when the lights were turned off. When the victims began to ask questions, Singh became abusive and manipulative. Following a trial at Snaresbrook Crown Court (right), Singh was convicted of three counts of assault by penetration, six counts of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, and one count of making a threat to kill. One victim said: 'He looked like a guy, he acted like a guy.' The victim only found out that the defendant was not a man after finding his strap-on prosthetic penis some months into their relationship. She told police officers that she felt 'so stupid' that she had fallen for such lies.

😠😷🙁 Samantha Markle, 57,  compared her sibling's lack of action to 'elder abuse' after she was accused of doing nothing when news broke of Thomas Markle's ailing heath earlier this week.

😠😷🙁 Landlady Pip MacFarlane has said she was moved to offer her Airbnb in Penzance, Cornwall, as a long-term rented property when her daughter's rent went up and she could no longer afford it

😠😷🙁 The BBC is expected to announce that arts channel BBC4 faces being shut down to save money. Sources say Corporation bosses are to unveil swingeing cuts to other parts of its output today

😠😷🙁 Mark Docherty of West Midlands Ambulance Service (inset) said patients were 'dying every day' from avoidable causes created by ambulance delays and that he could not understand why NHS England and the Care Quality Commission (CQC) were 'not all over' the issue. In an interview with the Health Service Journal (HSJ), Mr Docherty said rising numbers of people were waiting in the back of ambulances for 24 hours before being admitted to hospital, and that serious incidents have quadrupled in the past year, largely due to severe delays. He said the situation was now so serious that he is predicting the service will collapse in August. 'Around August 17 is the day I think it will all fail... I've been asked how I can be so specific, but that date is when a third of our resource (will be) lost to delays, and that will mean we just can't respond. Mathematically it will be a bit like a Titanic moment.'

😠😷🙁 Alberto Alvarez, 45, who testified at pop legend Michael Jackson's 2011 trial and called 911 on the night he died in 2009, was seen riding directly behind Harry in Montecito earlier this week.

😠😷🙁 More than 50 high-rise buildings in England still have the same type of cladding used on Grenfell Tower, nearly five years after the fire that killed 72 people, government figures show.

😠😷🙁 DEFRA has warned that monkeypox sufferers could be a risk to their pets - after European officials said animals could become permanent reservoirs of the disease.

😠😷🙁 She has spoken of her pride at having a new rose named in her honour. And now Dame Deborah James has visited the stall selling the beautiful bloom, which is breaking sales records, on a special out-of-hours tour of the Chelsea Flower Show. The cancer campaigner, 40, and her husband Sebastien enjoyed a tour of the show gardens with TV presenter Sophie Raworth. The trio raised a champagne toast in the Great Pavilion to the Dame Deborah James Rose, which is expected to sell out in days. The Harkness Rose Company has 25,000 available on pre-order for delivery this autumn, and says 15,000 have already been taken. For every £16.99 rose sold, £2.50 is donated to Dame Deborah's Bowelbabe Fund to benefit Cancer Research UK, which has so far raised an incredible £6.5million.

😠😷🙁 The coin, due to be sold in Zurich, Switzerland, on Monday, shows a portrait of Brutus on the head. The reverse has two daggers representing Brutus and co-conspirator Cassius.

😠😷🙁 One person described Manchester Airport as 'hell on earth', while another said Gatwick Airport (pictured here on Monday, May 23) was 'horrible' and 'grim'. Both airports have apologised to passengers.

😠😷🙁 Action Fraud said they have received almost 800 reports of a phishing fraud where people have received emails claiming to be from the energy regulator Ofgem.

😠😷🙁 Running the gauntlet of the Commons and a press conference, Boris Johnson said the government had 'learned our lesson' after the 'appalling' behaviour emerged. He said he personally was 'humbled' after being issued a fine for his birthday celebration in June 2020. But he also claimed that he had only been 'standing by my desk' for a 'short period' to get that penalty. Mr Johnson also denied lying to Parliament about the breaches, arguing that leaving dos were needed to keep up 'morale' while people were 'working hard' and he was 'proud' of the efforts of staff. He said the report had backed his view that such functions were 'work events' and attending them was 'part of my job'. Saying he wanted to 'move on' and focus on issues like Ukraine and the cost of living, the premier said: 'I take full responsibility for everything that took place on my watch.'

😠😷🙁 The Prime Minister faced fresh demands to resign after Sue Gray's report said the public would be 'dismayed' by a series of breaches of coronavirus rules in No 10 and Westminster.

😠😷🙁 While the Prime Minister gets off relatively lightly, officials and aides are less fortunate. Ms Gray highlighted 12 occasions where they played hard and fast with the law, taste and decency.

😠😷🙁 The Labour leader scrambled to separate the Partygate scandal that has engulfed the Prime Minister from allegations he himself broke Covid rules.

😠😷🙁 The pomp and pageantry of the 1937 Coronation Review of the Fleet saw 300 warships from Britain and other nations gathering at Spithead in Portsmouth before the King and Queen, as searchlights (top right) bathed the sky and floodlights lit up the vessels (bottom right). But the review is not remembered for the incredible tribute to the new King (inset). Instead it was the drunken radio broadcast of BBC commentator Thomas Woodrooffe (left) that Britons who tuned in around the country on the evening of May 20 were treated to. The infamous moment saw Lieutenant-Commander Woodrooffe drunkenly ramble for nearly four minutes before he was faded out by BBC colleagues. Lieutenant-Commander Woodrooffe, who had been set to spend 15 minutes commentating on the scene as the King inspected the Navy, instead told listeners: 'We have forgotten the Royal Review, we have forgotten the Royal Review, the whole thing is lit up by fairy lamps.' He went on to repeat several times that the fleet was 'lit up', before adding: 'We had a hundred, two hundred warships around us a second ago, and now they've gone, at a signal by the Morse code, at a signal by the fleet flagship which I'm in now, they've gone, they've disappeared.'

😠😷🙁 NEW Imran Mahmood, pictured, 35, part of a group deployed to combat terrorism and public order, denied the single charge of GBH when he appeared for a 12-minute plea hearing in London.

😠😷🙁 NEW Sue Gray's old pub near Newry in Northern Ireland also seemed to have its own 'wine time Fridays', with revellers dancing and drinking way past official closing time at the height of the Troubles.

😠😷🙁 NEW Professor David Heymann, a former director-general for the WHO said the current global outbreak may date back to a handful of isolated cases in the UK in 2018.

😠😷🙁 The UK's equality watchdog has launched a probe into Pontins amid claims of racial discrimination against Gypsies and Travellers. Pontins was accused of banning customers with 40 common Irish surnames including Boyle, Doherty and Gallagher using a secret blacklist titled 'undesirable guests' to stop suspected Traveller families booking holidays at its parks. The Equalities and Human Rights Commission last year found that Pontins had breached discrimination law, and its parent company Britannia Jinky Jersey Limited signed a 12-month legally-binding agreement with the public body to prevent racial discrimination. But the watchdog decided to cancel the agreement in February following claims that Pontins had not taken 'required steps' to quash anti-Traveller discrimination. It has today launched a formal investigation into the holiday park firm to consider whether Pontins broke the Equality Act 2010. The probe is expected to last for months, the watchdog said.

😠😷🙁 Postcodes near the new rail link have seen average property prices increase by 79 per cent since the project was first announced in July 2008.

😠😷🙁 NEW The Foreign Secretary delivered a fierce warning about any 'backsliding' in the West's resistance to Russia's 'autocratic aggression'.

😠😷🙁 NEW Although dogs are still overwhelmingly the pet of choice for UK families, the post-Covid demand for puppies fell by 42 per cent in January to April this year compared to the same period last year.

😠😷🙁 Photographs released by the fire service show the badly-damaged Ferrari SF90 (pictured left and right) after it was involved in the crash on Hagley Road, Halesowen, West Midlands. The luxury motor - which can reach speeds of up to 211mph and was once dubbed the 'quickest car of the decade' by Motortrend - was discovered at the scene by emergency services on Wednesday night. The front end of the vehicle, which goes from 0-124mph in 6.7 seconds, was left a crumpled mess while bits of the car can also be seen strewn over the road. Nobody is believed to have been injured in the collision which happened at around 7.40pm. Haden Cross Fire Station shared the images on Twitter and wrote: 'RTC Hagley Road, Halesowen- White Watch attended. 'Please be careful when out and about.' One web user replied: 'Obviously too powerful for somebody to handle.' Another added: 'Looks nasty, how gutted would you be?? Hope everyone is ok.' A third wrote: 'That's gonna cost some serious money to put right. 'I'd be devastated, that car cost more than my house.'

😠😷🙁 A pregnant HR worker has won £9,000 after she was refused a pay rise from a Romford-based firm because she was due to go on maternity leave.

😠😷🙁 Brian Wilson was fired from his job at a Grade II listed Seighford Hall in Stafford, Staffordshire, after bosses found he had let a car salesman walk off with a nine feet wide oak overmantel.

😠😷🙁 The 21-year-old was held along with a 19-year-old Irish teenager with him in the car after smashing into a roadside barrier in Seville in the rented 600 horsepower Audi RS6.

😠😷🙁 Rachel Stone (pictured right with daughter Poppy) and her husband John Stone says their seven-year-old daughter Poppie discovered the creepy critters (pictured left) while tucking into a Dairylea ham and cheese Lunchables (pictured inset). Rachel, 39, and John, 44, had purchased the packaged snack from their local Iceland branch on Easter weekend and had given it to Poppy as they enjoyed a barbeque. But they became immediately concerned when they heard her scream, before telling them she had 'worms' in her food. After rushing over to their daughter, the pair, from Rhuddlan, north Wales, were horrified to find maggots in the container and crawling over the remaining slices of ham. The holiday let manager complained to Iceland and product manufacturer Mondelez International but claims both parties refused to accept responsibility for the issue. Despite this, Mondelez International have issued the customer with a £10 gift voucher but Rachel vows never to give her daughter their products again.

😠😷🙁 James Lewin was left fuming after being served up an underwhelming portion of chipotle beef chilli-topped chips at the Brewer's Fayre-owned The Drove in Newhaven, East Sussex.

😠😷🙁 Charmaine Burgh, 37, from Peterborough, was still unhappy with her body after dropping from 13st to 9st with a healthy diet and exercise, so she had a tummy tuck and a boob job with an uplift.

😠😷🙁 Kellie Poole, from Manchester, was reportedly taking part in a session at Breatheolution in Buxworth, in the Peak District, with friends and an instructor when she got into difficulty.

😠😷🙁 People who adhere to seven healthy habits could reduce their dementia risk by up to 48 per cent, even for those with a genetic risk, a study of nearly 12,000 Americans claims. Keeping active, eating better, exercise, not smoking and keeping cholesterol and blood sugar in check lowers the risk of getting dementia by up to 43 per cent. Known as the 'American Heart Association's Life's Simple 7' these habits had been linked to a lower risk of dementia previously. But now study author, Adrienne Tin of the University of Mississippi, said the new study, which followed almost 12,000 people for 30 years, showed the habits could also help ward off dementia for those with the highest genetic risk of dementia. 'The good news is that even for people who are at the highest genetic risk, living by this same healthier lifestyle are likely to have a lower risk of dementia,' she said.


😠😷🙁 As he faced the fallout from a Partygate report that highlighted serial drunkenness and debauchery among No10 staff the Prime Minister faced down demands from Tory MPs last night.

😠😷🙁 London endurance cyclist 'Bionic Barry' Covington, 36, collapsed and later died from heat stroke after competing in the 2017 amateur world championships in southern France

😠😷🙁 The Jubilee decorations (bunting seen in 2018) put up in the town centre of Sheerness in Kent to mark Her Majesty's 70-year reign were claimed to be causing a racket when it was windy.

😠😷🙁 The Royal Family today released a special corgi emoji called 'PJ' to help social media users mark the Queen's Platinum Jubilee celebrations next week. The emoji will appear for anyone who tweets the hashtags #PlatinumJubilee, #HM70, #PlatinumPartyatthePalace, #PlatinumJubileePageant or #TheBigJubileeLunch. The @RoyalFamily Twitter account said it was 'hoping that as many of you as possible will use PJ to help celebrate the Jubilee here on Twitter'. Separately, the Royal Family's Instagram account has launched a series of stickers including a different version of 'PJ' who winks and has a dog collar saying '70'. Other stickers available from 'theroyalfamily' account include a guardsman and his horse enjoying a Jubilee tea, a crown, a popping bottle of champagne and bunting. Announcing the Twitter emoji today with one week to go until the celebrations begin, the @RoyalFamily account said: 'Meet PJ the corgi, our Jubilee emoji! PJ will appear whenever you use #PlatinumJubilee #HM70 #PlatinumPartyatthePalace #PlatinumJubileePageant or #TheBigJubileeLunch and we're hoping that as many of you as possible will use PJ to help celebrate the Jubilee here on Twitter.'

😠😷🙁 The shots are taken from a private home movie captured on HMS Vanguard, the vessel which took the Royal Family to South Africa for a tour in February - April 1947.

😠😷🙁 Kate Middleton donned an elegant pair of £140 aquamarine dangle earrings from London-based Carousel Jewels. to host a garden party at Buckingham Palace.

😠😷🙁 Actress Elizabeth Debicki is the spitting image Princess Diana in the latest glimpse from the set of the new series of Netflix's The Crown. She was filming at Burghley House, in Lincolnshire.

😠😷🙁 The former glamour model (left with Carl Woods yesterday) sent Kieran Hayler a message calling his new partner Michelle Penticost a 'gutter sl*g' in a message that read: 'Tell your c***ing whore piece of s*** girlfriend not to start on me.' Price, 44, admitted flouting the ban on her contacting Miss Penticost, in an extraordinary U-turn having previously denied it. At Lewes Crown Court yesterday, the reality TV star, a mother of five, pleaded guilty to breaching the restraining order on January 21 this year, as fans turned on her online and insisted she should be jailed 'for her own good' after multiple court appearances in recent years But hours after admitting she sent the 'vile and nasty' message, Katie hinted at her tumultuous day where she was warned she could go to prison. Sharing a picture from the stables (right), she called it her 'safe place', at her West Sussex home nicknamed 'mucky mansion' because it was in such a poor state. She said: 'Having my horses back at home is the best thing ever - my passion'

😠😷🙁 The pleasant weather will continue for much of the UK today and tomorrow with 22C (72F) highs in the South East, before 18C (64F) on Saturday, and then 16C (61F) on Sunday.

😠😷🙁 Mr Drahi's investment vehicle Altice expanded its stake in the former state-run telecoms giant 12.1% to 18% in December last year - making Sotheby's billionaire owner BT's biggest shareholder.

😠😷🙁 A Liverpool FC fan and his friends say they were conned out of £19,000 by scammers selling fake Champions League final tickets online.

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😠😷🙁 EXCLUSIVE: Adriana Reyes (pictured) said she was 'surprised' by Salvador Ramos opening fire at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde yesterday. She admitted her son was a loner who 'kept to himself and didn't have many friends' but shot down claims she had a toxic relationship with him. Ramos was shot dead after his shooting spree left 19 children and two teachers dead as well as his grandmother fighting for her life after he blasted her in the face. He had earlier bought two AR-15 assault rifles, bragged about them on social media and suggested he would commit an atrocity before the attack.

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😠😷🙁 Russian troops last night reached the limits of the eastern Ukrainian city of Severodonetsk - with fears relentless attacks will turn it into 'the new Mariupol'.

😠😷🙁 Eleven newborn babies died last night when a fire that tore through the neonatal section of a regional hospital in the town of Tivaouane, around 75 miles east of Senegal's capital Dakar.

😠😷🙁 Nancy Brophy, 71, was convicted on Wednesday of second-degree murder for shooting dead her chef husband Daniel Brophy, 63, in June 2018 in a scheme to get his $1.4 million life insurance.