Mass release of illegal immigrants in Texas is captured on camera: Group of male, childless migrants were later put in taxis to airports and flown to cities across the US, report claims

  • A group of single, adult, male immigrants were released to the final destinations by ICE on Tuesday in Brownsville, Texas 
  • They were reported sent to a Texas airport where they flew to Houston, Miami, and Atlanta 
  • No women or children were seen among the group 
  • The Biden Administration has been criticized for their handling on the crisis 
  • A retired border patrol officer, who worked under Obama, said officers are being 'demoralized' and the administration is just putting on a 'dog and pony show'  



A large number of single, adult illegal immigrants were released from federal custody in Texas on Tuesday.

The group of young male immigrants were filmed by Fox News getting transported on buses in Brownsville, Texas, into a small office in a parking lot marked 'border patrol drop off' after being released by ICE on Tuesday. 

After emerging from the office, the migrants were seen being put into taxis that took them to Harlingen Airport - roughly 250 miles away from San Antonio - where the men were flown to places like Houston, Miami, and Atlanta. 

They are now being transported to their final destinations, the City of Brownsville told Fox News. 

No women or children were seen among the migrants in Brownsville. 

A large group of men were transported on buses to a 'border patrol drop off' station in Brownsville, Texas, on Tuesday before being taxied to the airport where they were flown to Houston, San Antonio, Miami, and Atlanta 

They were released by ICE and no women or children were seen among the group 

Some of the migrants reportedly said that they paid $2,000 to illegally cross the border through cartel smugglers, Fox News reported.  

Almost 180,000 migrants crossed the US border in December, surpassing previous December numbers. Only around 75,000 crossed the border in December 2020. 

The Biden Administration has been struggling to control the border, which saw thousands camping out earlier this year and recent images of overcrowded facilities in Arizona.    

A senior border patrol agent, who recently retired, told Fox News' Hannity show that 'what is happening on the border is being purposely done by the Biden administration and their hands are tied behind their backs.' 

After leaving the border patrol station, they were taken to Harlingen Airport to be fly to their final destinations 

'What I'm seeing now is something that I have never seen before,' the unidentified former border patrol agent said. 'This career is always ups and downs. But what I see now, is something that - like I have never seen before, like I said.

'And that most concerning thing is that it is being done on purpose. In my opinion, before, like, you work under different administrations. And they have their feelings and the policies regarding the border.' 

The agent, who worked under the Obama Administration, said in his 'opinion' the Biden administration is doing a 'dog and pony show' of bringing 'politicians down here' but not fixing the problem. 

'It is like they double down and they continue on,' he said. 'We keep screaming. Like look at this: Look at a processing center, look at the border, look at all this, but nothing is done,' he told the Hannity show. 

'All we do is cleaning up and moving people around.' 

He went on to say that the Biden Administration 'feigns' concern for the 'population,' and it makes the border patrol agents seem 'demoralized.' 

The Biden Administration has been been criticized for their handling of the border crisis as almost 180,000 immigrants crossed the US border in December 

'People think that border patrol agents are demoralized,' he said. 'Because we sign up to protect this border, to protect this nation. And we are not being allowed to do that.

'And when this suffering is being brought - you know, brought on by the very same people that feign so much concern about that population, it makes it even worse. These policies, like I said, they are successful for them. Because this is what they want from the get-go.' 

Yuma, Arizona, has recently had a surge in immigrants, with 65,000 coming from Mexico during September and November.  

Yuma Mayor Douglas Nicholls declared a state of emergency on December 9 after 6,000 people were taken into custody by Border Patrol in the course of five days. The behemoth figure equates to the number of migrants intercepted in an average month over the past two decades.

More than 65,000 non-citizens were caught illegally crossing into Yuma from Mexico between September and November, which is higher than encounters in typical years. 

The US has seen an influx of immigrants (pictured in September) making the dangerous journey to the States. A former border patrol officer, who spoke to Fox's Hannity show, said agents are being 'demoralized' and the Biden Administration is putting on a 'dog and pony show' 

New images released earlier this month show migrants living in overcrowded facilities and living in foil tents. 

Recently, Vice President Kamala Harris called Guatemala President Alejandro Giammattei after a barrage of criticism continues over her handling of the southern border crisis.

During the call, Harris 'reaffirmed the administration's commitment to working together with Guatemala on a broad agenda that includes the root causes of migration, trafficking, economic development, and anti-corruption,' according to a statement from her office. 

The call came after Giammattei went public with his dissatisfaction regarding communication over the last several months with the vice president and White House.  


Large numbers of single adult illegal immigrants are seen being released into Texas

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