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😍😀😬 Jennifer Connelly and Tom Cruise put on a cosy display on the red carpet in Cannes, making them the latest co-stars to act loved-up in order to get the cameras flashing. body language expert Judi James claims. Pictured from left to right: Jennifer and Tom in Cannes; Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain at the Venice International Film Festival; Gemma Chan and Robert Madden at Rome's 16th Film Fest: Left inset: Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet at the Oscars in 2016 and right inset: Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper at the Oscars in 2019.


😍😀😬 To celebrate the Queen's 70-year reign, Coast has launched a capsule collection inspired by her favourite, long-serving designer, Sir Norman Hartnell. Jo Elvin says with the high street collection we can channel old-school regality. UK-based fashion expert picks out the best styles for a summer wedding or garden party. Styling: dinah van tulleken, Pictures: lezli + Rose, Hair & make-up: desmond grundy using BareMinerals and Moroccanoil, Fashion assistant: alice hare, Model: esme at The Hiv

😍😀😬 Celebrities have been sharing the ways in which their pets live on with them. Jennifer Aniston had the ashes of her German Shepherd turned into a diamond necklace

😍😀😬 Experts at Stanford Medical School have used MRI scans to confirm that adolescents stop listening to their mothers' voices at around age 13. Hannah Betts describes the joys of her role as aunt

😍😀😬 ALEXANDRA SHULMAN: When did women, such as myself, who couldn't imagine going about their life without their trusty high heels, find themselves swept up in a whirlpool of white trainer love?

😍😀😬 From dramatic oil paintings to a stunning garden, Kate Moss's Cotswolds mansion is exactly what you would expect from the supermodel. British-born Kate, 48, today gave bombshell evidence in the Depp v Heard trial from the Grade II listed picturesque property, where she has lived permanently since moving out of London in 2021. Testifying from her Gloucestershire home, she told the court that her ex boyfriend Johnny Depp never kicked, pushed or threw her downstairs while they were on a Jamaica trip. It came after Amber Heard previously told the court that she feared Depp would push her sister down the stairs during a violent argument after he had allegedly done the same to Moss. 

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HM on the high seas! Unearthed royal home movie shows the young Princess Elizabeth playing catch with her father and posing with Margaret on 1947 trip to South Africa

😍😀😬 Beaming alongside her father and sister, this is the young Princess Elizabeth enjoying a trip overseas with her family. Another shot shows Elizabeth, then just 20 years old, playing catch with her father, George VI and playfully trying on a pair of sunglasses. The shots are taken from a private home movie captured on HMS Vanguard, the vessel which took the Royal Family to South Africa for a tour in February - April 1947.

😍😀😬 Actress Elizabeth Debicki (left) is the spitting image Princess Diana in the latest glimpse from the set of the new series of Netflix's The Crown. The Australian actress, 31, who is taking over the role from Emma Corrin, channelled the royal in a powder blue skirt suit that looks strikingly similar to several ensembles owned by the princess (inset, in 1997). Elizabeth, her hair cut to mimic Diana's signature style, lowered her head and kept a hand on her handbag strap as she strode away from Burghley House, in Stamford, Lincolnshire (right).

😍😀😬 Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden, 44, looked chic in a black jumpsuit at the Polar Music Prize in Stockholm. 

😍😀😬 Kate Middleton donned an elegant pair of £140 aquamarine dangle earrings from London-based Carousel Jewels. to host a garden party at Buckingham Palace.

😍😀😬 The Duchess of Cambridge, 40, said it was 'so lovely' to see Holocaust survivor Manfred Goldberg, 92, at the Buckingham Palace garden earlier this afternoon.

😍😀😬 Buckingham Palace have unveiled what will happen as the nation pays tribute to the Queen's 70 years as sovereign next weekend - from Trooping the Colour to concerts.

😍😀😬 For the garden party at Buckingham Palace, mother-of-one Princess Beatrice picked a checked dress from the trendy label Self Portrait, which she paired with a statement headband.

😍😀😬 Prince Harry appeared relaxed today as he cycled with his security near his California home - days before he is due to travel to the UK to celebrate the Queen's Jubilee with his family.

😍😀😬 Prince Charles, 73, made the unannounced tour of a donation centre for refugees in the capital Bucharest earlier this afternoon, where he said he was 'full of admiration for Ukrainian people'.

😍😀😬 The Queen has appeared as one of Country Life magazine's famous 'girls in pearls' for its Platinum Jubilee edition, in a collage created for its frontispiece. She also appears on the cover.

😍😀😬 Meghan Markle, 40, was on hand to present Prince Harry, 37, and his team, Los Padres, with a trophy after they won an event at the Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club, but was squashed on stage.

😍😀😬 Speaking to OK! magazine,  Princess Diana's biographer Andrew Morton said: 'The Queen was impressed she adored and loved William for himself, not for his title'.

😍😀😬 The royal, 44, opted for full evening glamour for the first time in years in a cream one shoulder gown and sheer sleeves at the Monte Carlo Opera House.

😍😀😬 Speaking to GMB, Tom Bower (pictured, right) an investigative journalist who is currently working on a biography of the Duchess, said he's spoken to Thomas Markle over the weekend.

😍😀😬 The Duke of Cambridge, 39, spoke of his admiration for cancer campaigner Deborah James during a visit to the Royal Marsden Hospital in London today as he called her 'inspirational'.

😍😀😬 Princess Victoria Romanovna and Grand Duke George of Russia, who wed during a glamourous St Petersburg ceremony in 2021, have announced they are expecting their first child.

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Best Buys-The smartest way to shop online

😍😀😬 Dom Richards, 36, an events business manager from Nottinghamshire, who calls herself a 'savvy spender', is able to feed her family-of-five for £35 a week (top right, with her partner Dean and her three children). The mother-of-three explained how she is able to save money by using an app to find free or unused food in the area, only using the oven once-a-week to save on energy bill and carefully meal planning a week in advance (right, her groceries for the week, and left, a cheese and tomato bacon pasta bake with garlic butter baguettes and salad for 29p per person by sourcing most of the ingredients free from Olio, the anti-food waste app)


😍😀😬 The Marchioness of Bath, 35, appeared in high spirits as she attended the events at Cannes Film Festival earlier this evening, opting for two different outfits. She donned an elegant fishtail dress with sheer panels as she stepped out for the Chopard Loves Cinema dinner event during the Cannes Film Festival (left). The mother-of-two later swapped her outfit for a stunning lilac gown as she walked the red carpet at the screening for the new biopic, Elvis (right).

😍😀😬 Mumsnet users from across the UK took to the forum to share the strangest things they've gotten into trouble for doing at work - including going to the toilet and even typing too loud.

😍😀😬 Anna Bey, who splits her time between London and Geneva, revealed in a recent YouTube video how to look expensive and classy - without splurging on designer outfits.

😍😀😬 Jo Elvin says that there is a huge selection of clever linen blends this summer. If you  get the fabric weight and fit right, you've got an elegant friend for life

😍😀😬 Tennis sensation Emma Raducanu, 19, who rose to fame after winning the US Open last year, appears on the July/August cover of Elle magazine (inset). In an interview inside, she explained how how she celebrated her success last year, saying: 'When I won the US Open, there was nothing big or amazing that my parents did to celebrate - we just came home and ate dumplings, and that was it. We are very normal.' (left and right)

😍😀😬 A tricky new challenge has been shared on US-based trivia platform Quizly. Players are tasked with answering 24 multiple-choice questions that put their general knowledge to the test.


😍😀😬 Every week, FEMAIL asks two singletons to report back from their blind date.This week Julie, 54 and Jonny, 59 share the outcome of their date in the UK

😍😀😬 'One of the main attractions of having an affair is that we get to reinvent ourselves.' Writes Tracey Cox as she explains the many reasons a man won't leave his wife for his mistress

Moment woman, 35, meets her four siblings for the first time after her depressed mother left her on the steps of a London tower block as a baby while grieving miscarriages and the death of two of her infant children

😍😀😬 Niki Weedon, 35, of Chigwell, Essex, who appeared on last night's Long Lost Family, was found opposite a police station as a baby in April 1987, and named after the officer on duty that day, who was handed the youngster by a concerned resident who had stumbled upon her. She was adopted and had a happy childhood, but longed to find out her identity, turning to the Long Lost Family team for help - and thanks to DNA testing they discovered she is Scottish and Nigerian. Researchers also found the teaching assistant's late parents and four full siblings - who were shocked to discover they had another sister. They explained that their mother suffered with depression following the death of two of her children in infancy, as well as many miscarriages. Meanwhile, their father was diagnosed with schizophrenia around the time of Niki's birth. It was suggested that because of these struggles, Niki's birth mother decided to abandon her daughter where she could be found. In emotional scenes that aired last night, the siblings were seen meeting one another for the first time.

😍😀😬 Ella Fairon, from Newport Beach, California, was 14 when two boys drugged and physically assaulted her while unconscious. She's designed underwear to encourage discussion on consent.

😍😀😬 Carla Dawson, 36, from Nottingham, was raising money to save the life of her two-year-old daughter, Jorja-Rose, when stranger Chanel Bailey offered to help. Bailey has been jailed for theft and fraud.

😍😀😬 Charmaine Burgh, 37, from Peterborough, was still unhappy with her body after dropping from 13st to 9st with a healthy diet and exercise, so she had a tummy tuck and a boob job with an uplift.

😍😀😬 Jodie Stubbs, 37, from Stoke-on-Trent, has welcomed an inquest which found a series of hospital failings contributed to the death of her baby son Iva-Jaylon Champion Weekes.

😍😀😬 Melissa Sloan, 45, from Powys, South Wales, claims she was abused by her brother Gavin, 46, who's been jailed for a string of sickening rapes and sexual assaults against other children.

😍😀😬 Matt Butt, 35, of Clapton, who featured on last night's Long Lost Family, was abandoned in 1987 in a cardboard box which had a note pinned to it that read: 'Please look after me.'

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😍😀😬 A bodybuilder and fitness model has caused a debate after posting a video outlining his relationship rules on TikTok. Jamie Goldie (pictured), 22, from Edinburgh, garnered more than 140,000 views on the clip titled My rules as a boyfriend, part of a trend where people outline their demands when it comes to relationships. Among the rules he said his girlfriends should adhere to are not having male friends, and always keeping their phone location on. The clip, which garnered hundreds of responses, divided opinions, with some saying his rules were just 'basic respect', and others calling the bodybuilder out for being controlling.


😍😀😬 Social media users from around the world have shared some of the funniest examples of well-intentioned comments from elderly people that just missed the mark, with the best examples shared in a Bored Panda gallery. Among the amusing collection is a comment from a woman who apologised for pressing the laugh emoji on a condolences post. Another outrageous woman joked about 'needing a wheelchair after big night' with her husband (left). Also pictured: A woman who left a laughing emoji on a death notice (top right) and a man who values his privacy (bottom right).

😍😀😬 Danielle, 30, and Sam Smith, 31, from Birmingham, mistakenly buried a cat they thought was their 11-month-old pet Lucky. The couple were left shocked when their moggy returned home.

😍😀😬 Social media users from around the world shared the most stomach turned dishes they've tried, with the most creative collated in a gallery by Bored Panda. Including bacon covered Oreos

😍😀😬 People from around the world have taken to social media to share photos of people whose good intentions ended in disaster, with Opossum Sauce rounding up the funniest examples.

😍😀😬 After her honeymoon, Marie D'Allesandro Donato washed the clothes that she wore and put them back into her suitcase, where they have sat untouched ever since - until now.

😍😀😬 Eudora Okoro, from Wirral, told The Liverpool Echo that she's approached by men as young as 19 on dating apps, who are shocked to discover her real age.

😍😀😬 An anonymous social media user has sparked a fierce debate on Mumsnet after asking people to share their thoughts on donor eggs and embryos.

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😍😀😬 Alex Fairhurst, who lives in Wigan, told presenter Alison Hammond that her three-year-old daughter Isla Bates is a royal super fan, and has been touring care homes to bring joy to residents.

😍😀😬 Silent Witness returned to screens last night and brought back its first star, Amanda Burton as Professor Sam Ryan. But it was the sexual tension between Nikki and Jack that had people talking.

😍😀😬 Helena Frith Powell says that there are things her husband is not involved in. UK-based writer reveals that she was perimenopausal at the age of 47

😍😀😬 Truffle flavour is a misleading way of saying it's lab-created rather than real. Sudi Pigott has analysed the truffle products to uncover the best of the best

😍😀😬 Love Island's Shaughna Phillips, 28, told Good Morning Britain she used to work in an office and always enjoyed hearing about people's trips, but Tim argued you have to 'read the room'.

😍😀😬 Nick Knowles and the DIY: SOS The Big Build team were on hand to transform The Ranch, an adventure playground and youth hub in Southmead, north Bristol.

😍😀😬 TrouveTonJob.co, which provides French jobseekers with advice and free training, was slammed on Twitter over bizarre posts, including one joking about the 'first black man on Mars'.

😍😀😬 Rehema Muthamia, 26, who has Kenyan heritage and spent part of her childhood in Kenya, was crowned Miss England in a glittering ceremony in Coventry. Despite the prestigious accolade she's gone on to face horrendous comments, including being branded 'Miss KFC' and asked 'how is Miss England Black?' Speaking to My London she revealed people also sent emails to the Miss England organisation to complain about her winning.'I already knew I would face racism as a Black woman in England, not in London so much but being British and Black I am conscious of the fact people will be prejudice towards me,' she said.

😍😀😬 Cheryl Wilson, 40, from Romford, Essex, was horrified when her optician revealed in April this year that her 'foggy vision' was the result of a cataract-like growth in her right eye.

😍😀😬 The dated-looking caravan, which sits in a back garden of a house in Barnet, North London, has been listed for rent on property portal London Golden Key.

😍😀😬 The BBC Breakfast weather star, 59, who announced her engagement to a mystery man this week, has seen her television career flourish in middle age.

😍😀😬 To celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee , HR software provider CIPHR has created a seek-and-find puzzle - with a crown hidden somewhere in a street party on the Mall.

😍😀😬 Over the past decade, a revolution has taken place women in their 70s still work. Janet Street-Porter uncovers that older women are smashing down barriers

😍😀😬 Allanah Harris, from Queensland, posted her photo montage on TikTok showing her last photo before delivering her baby girl with an almost flat bump - leaving followers questioning 'how?'.

😍😀😬 The London-based finance expert returned to our screens last night in a one-off special of his eponymous ITV show.

😍😀😬 Alison Lapper MBE, 57, from Staffordshire, who born with no arms, wants to raise £50,000 to bring touring exhibition to schools to help those struggling with mental health.

😍😀😬 Since its first episode aired in 1996, BBC's Silent Witness has seen a number of stars making an appearance in the show - including Jodie Comer, from Liverpool, and Daisy Ridley, from London.

😍😀😬 Alex Hamilton, 90, and Jane, 89, from Tillicoultry, Scotland, married on Saturday in front of close family after getting together in 1962 and spending the next 60 years engaged.

😍😀😬 Author and former Editor-in-Chief of Attitude magazine Matt Cain told FEMAIL the things that can cause offence to gay people, even if they're well intentioned.