Viral busker, 16, who was hailed as the 'next Adele' after performing on Ellen aged 12 is branded 'embarrassing and cheeky' for asking for €3 contactless tips while performing in Dublin

  • A young performing busker was blasted by people who thought she was greedy
  • Allie Sherlock, 16, was filmed singing on the streets in a TikTok that got 16k likes
  • Commenters called out her decision to ask for a three euro tip with a card reader



A viral busker has been branded 'cheeky and embarassing' for putting up a sign inviting passersby to leave a €3 tip, using contactless. 

Allie Sherlock, 16, from Douglas, Cork, was filmed performing on Grafton Street, Dublin - where she performs regularly - with two members of her band, in a TikTok clip that gained more than 266,000 views.

The vocalist, who has 5.13 million subscribers on Youtube. was hailed as the 'next Adele' at the age of 12 in 2018 after appearing on The Ellen Show, and afterwards signed a five-year contract with US company Patriot Records.

She supported One Republic on their 2020 European tour and released an six-song EP in the same year, although she's yet to find significant chart success.   

Commenters who saw the video were outraged at Allie's sign urging anyone who enjoyed her singing to tip the band €3.

Allie Sherlock came under fire after busking in Cork and asking for passersby to donate €3 to her band

The young singer has previously appeared on The Ellen Show after clips of her busking went viral

One person thought Allie's request for e three euro tip for busking was embarrassing and cheeky

Allie, who was singing Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes could be seen singing to a surrounding crowd while her bandmates, a drummer and a guitarist played in the background.

Her sign read: Allie Sherlock. Tap card to TIP €3'.

Displeased with the presumption that people couldn't choose how much to tip on their own, some commenters were quick to vocalise their distaste for the teenager's decision.

One person said: 'Some neck putting a limit on how much someone should tip.'

Some commenters thought Allie's request for €3 was extortionate and stated that seeing it would put them off tipping at all

While another stated that her sign: 'That is scandalous, wouldn't give 30 cent with that sign.'

And a third added: 'At most you're gonna stand there for 2 songs if that. So 3 euro is a bit much.'

While another person wrote: 'Is she for real, tap for 3 euro, how about if someone likes you busking they can throw a 50 cent in your hat.'

Some TikTok commenters, however, were supportive of Allie's sign and shared that they thought people should do more to support local artists.

Some commenters ran to Allie's defence and thought the singer had every right to charge as much as she liked

One person said: 'It's 1 euro per band member. jesus ya'll are tight.' 

While another chimed in with: 'Everyone who has an issue with this is a bad tipper and that's embarrassing.'

A fellow commenter said: 'People gladly spend stupid amounts of money on smokes and unnecessarys but to support a band is 'too much '. Smh.'

Allie, seeing the negative comments, also joined in to defend herself saying: 'Everyone is complaining that €3 is too much to ask for. I don't take any of the money, I give all the tips to the band. No one is being forced to tip.' 

Despite Allie's negative reviewers on TikTok, it's certainly not the first time the young singer has been in the spotlight.

The teen travelled to California, in 2018 at the age of 12, where she performed A Million Years Ago on the show, receiving a standing ovation from the crowd. 

Viewers were left entranced by the performance taking to Twitter to applaud the school girl's singing talents.

One wrote: 'Allie Sherlock is amazing and deserves all the recognition in the music industry, I know she will be the next biggest star.

Allie is already being tipped to become a musical hit in America. Viewers took to Twitter to hail the singer, pictured on Ellen, as the next Adele

Allie's star-studded trip to California continued when she met superstar producer Pharrell Williams

Another agreed adding: 'It's not often you come across such a special voice like Allie Sherlock's'.

A third said: 'Heard @alliesherlock on Ellen... UNREAL VOICE.'

Ellen invited the singer onto her talk show after seeing her videos online, telling her audience:  'When I saw our next guest singing on the streets of Dublin I knew I had to meet her.'

Allie revealed that she has been singing since the age of 9 having picked up a guitar three and a half years ago.

Tedder, left, also introduced Allie to popstar Charlie Puth, right, during a visit to his house. In an Instagram post he hinted he would be working with Allie on a future musical project

During her visit to California the 12-year-old also spent time working with OneRepublic singer and songwriter Ryan Tedder, pictured together. She shared this image on Instagram

Allie is believed to have travelled to California with her father, pictured together when Allie was 12

She added: 'I was always a kid going around the house singing, and my dad was always like "turn it down a notch!''. 

After persuading her father to allow her to start busking Allie began regularly performing on the streets of Dublin. 

She hit the headlines in June 2017 when her performance of Ed Sheeran's Supermarket Flowers received more than a million views on Facebook.

Allie had initially received an invite to perform on The Ellen Show following this performance but turned it down.

Speaking at the time her father said: 'She had the Ellen Show in America contact her, but she's only 12 and she just enjoys a bit of busking. 

'My main thing is that Allie continues to be Allie, because she's a child. She enjoys her singing and as soon as it isn't fun anymore, that would be the end of it. '

Since her Ellen appearance, Allie has become a social media sensation with 1.8 million instagram followers, over 5 million youtube subscribers and 112 thousand TikTok followers.

She still busks on Grafton Street in Dublin where huge audiences will come to see her play.


A teenage busker gets slammed by online trolls after using a card reader to ask for €3 tips

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