Struggling to get your kids to concentrate on homework? This fun app promises to improve reading and math in just 15 minutes a day - and you can try it for FREE




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If you struggle to tear your kids away from their tablets and make them focus on homework then you're not alone.

But millions of Americans have found a genius way to combine tablet time and learning, which leaves their children significantly ahead of their classmates.

The HOMER Learn and Grow app, which works on iOS, Android and Amazon devices, has been downloaded by 1.6 million parents all across the States who say it has transformed how their kids learn and made the process more enjoyable.

Children love the bright colors and fun activities in the HOMER Learn and Grow app, which teaches them reading, writing, math and thinking skills

Based on early years educational learning techniques that prompts children to work things out for themselves, research on children aged between two and eight has shown that just 15 minutes of app use a day can improve reading scores by 74%. 

Including all of their favorite things like dinosaurs, vehicles, princesses, animals and space, there are simple to follow instructions so children as young as two can play and learn independently and you can enjoy some free time while your child has fun practicing math, spelling and reading.

And even better is that you can try it commitment-free with a 30-day trial by visiting the HOMER website now.

The HOMER learning system makes math fun and helps children as young as two to recognise numbers and you can try the app for 30 days for free

One subscription allows you to create four different profiles so your seven year old can work on their word recognition while your three year old learns how to recognize letters and sounds. 

After a quick quiz for each child, the app works out how they learn best to teach them the basics in a way they're likely to remember with more than 1,000 games to choose from along the way.

Children can play the Homer Learn & Grow app games independently but it makes a fun bonding experience to watch their progress and see their enjoyment 

With an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 on the Apple app store from more than 18,000 reviewers, thousands of parents are impressed by the progress their child has made since using the app.

'I saw an ad for this app and thought it was worth a try since it had a free trial, but in two days I knew I found a winner,' wrote one pleased parent. 'My son looks forward to using the Homer app and finds it very engaging. He loves the monkey character and the stories and games and I've never managed to get him to concentrate on anything else like this.'

Another said it took just three months to notice a huge difference, writing 'I downloaded the app mid January and began doing a lesson every other day with my four year old  son. At first, he was having difficulty putting sounds with multiple letters together. 

'As we started to go through levels I really noticed improvement and by end of March he was able to read simple sentences with the words in each level.'

Children enjoy the Homer Learn & Grow app's gamification technique and feel motivated to spend time on the app and progress through different levels of difficulty

Parents also love how everything is taught step by step, with reading starting from essential skills such as letters and sounds to sight words and then to reading and spelling. Meanwhile, math begins with number recognition, which becomes counting and then more complex number operations.

Some say it's significantly better than any other educational apps they've tried, with one reviewer who gave it a full five stars writing: 'Both of my kids use the HOMER learning program and have excelled. We've tried around 20 apps and websites and none can hold a candle to HOMER.' 

The Homer app for iOS and Android can boost children's litearcy and numeracy skills fast

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