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Dangerous Love is latest Romantic suspense thriller from USA Today and Wall Street Journal bestselling author Riley Edwards.

Our story was unconventional at best.
Unbelievable was more like it.
Perhaps it was even written in the stars the way fate had brought us together.
A stranger who’d been my best friend for ten years, yet I’d never seen his face or heard his voice. It all started innocently enough when an angry message to my cheating boyfriend ended up on the wrong phone…or maybe the right one.
The next thing I knew, days had turned into months, then months into years, and we were still texting. I knew everything about Rhode except his last name.
The second time destiny put Rhode in my path, I was in Washington, DC, hotel bar. I didn’t know the outrageously hot guy was my Rhode. That’s a lie. I knew it was him the moment he told me his name. Yet, I didn’t tell him who I was when I fake-introduced myself. Then I went back to his room and had wild, crazy sex. I left before he woke up.
Now I have an even bigger problem. My friend’s sister up and vanished without a trace, and Rhode promised he could help. He said there were things I didn’t know about him.
He’s on his way to my house.
I just hope he doesn’t walk away when he sees me.
For years I kept my distance. For years I told myself I couldn’t have her. For years I’d been in half in love with a woman I’d never seen.
So when my best friend Brooklyn texted me about her friend’s sister’s disappearance, I took my shot to finally meet her in person. But the joke was on me. I knew Brooklyn—every delicious inch of her. She was the woman who’d slipped away. The woman I met in a bar, the one who made me question everything. A one-night stand I couldn’t get out of my head. Her betrayal burned deep.
I’d find the girl then walk away.
That was my plan until everything crashed down around me, and Brooklyn’s taken by a human trafficker. The man I’d been hunting for a year—a man who inflicted pain and incited nightmares.
Angry words were spoken. Lies were told. Hearts were broken, and souls were obliterated.
Now I might lose her forever.
Takeback is an off-the-books, special operations task force composed of military contractors and US Marshals. Their mission is simple—to save those who have been taken. 
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